3.3. Perl XML HTTP Post to a web service.

In the two following sections you will find sample code sending (with a Post) a SOAP message to a Java WSDP and a .NET web service. These post will work without the use of the package SOAP::lite.

3.3.1. Post a SOAP message to my Java WSDP web service.

Our simple post example now. Let's see how it is so simple to post a SOAP message "manually" to my RCX web service using LWP::UserAgent and HTTP::Request.

3.3.2. Post a SOAP message to a .NET web service.

Find below the code to send a SOAP message to a .NET web service with Perl. The major change from the preceding call is for the soapAction. So we need to use the LWP and HTTP library object differently to allow to specify the soapAction on the request object.

I will use the Infobel web service again, see the Section called Tip: a way to solve interoperability problem with a NuSoap client (for document/literal web service). in Chapter 2 for a description of this web service.