A real web service for the RCX Documentation

Pascal Botte

Table of Contents
Part 1. SOAP client for Java WSDP and .NET web service.
1. Make a SOAP client using Java
1.1. WSDL and AXIS presentation
1.2. First Java SOAP client (rpc/encoded or literal and document/literal in section 1.2.5)
1.3. Advanced AXIS and JAX-RPC client: rpc operation style, serializer/deserializer howto
1.4. Dynamic Invocation Interface (DII) with JAX-RPC (RPC/encoded and document/literal in section 1.4.5)
1.5. Java HTTP post for XML SOAP message.
1.6. Send or Post a SOAP message using SAAJ (document/literal)
1.7. Consume a .NET web service with Java
1.8. JAX-RPC client-side handler
2. Make a SOAP client using PHP and NuSoap.
2.1. Little interoperability demo: consume Java WSDP with NuSoap.
2.2. More advanced interoperability demo using NuSoap: consume a .NET web service
3. Make a SOAP client with Perl and SOAP::Lite
3.1. Interoperability demo: consume my JWSDP RCX web service with Perl/cgi and SOAP::Lite.
3.2. Interoperability demo: consume a .NET web service with Perl.
3.3. Perl XML HTTP Post to a web service.
4. Make a SOAP client with Python.
4.1. Using SOAPpy to consume a JWSDP web service.
4.2. Python XML HTTP Post to send a SOAP message to a JWSDP or to a .NET web service.
4.3. Python ZSI SOAP client for JWSDP and .NET web service.
5. Make a SOAP client with C/C++ and gSOAP
5.1. gSOAP client for my JWSDP web service
5.2. Consume a .NET web service with gSOAP
6. Make a SOAP client with the free .NET framework SDK
6.1. Make a SOAP client in C# using the command-line
6.2. Make a SOAP client in VB .NET using the command-line
Documentation index
List of Examples
1-1. Typical JWSDP RCX web service wsdl (RPC-style, encoded)
1-2. The SEI (RcxReadLS.java)
1-3. The client using the Service Endpoint Interface class: ClientSEI.java
1-4. RcxResponse.java adaptation.
1-5. Register complex type "ArrayOfArrayOfint".
1-6. Reading light sensor with DII: ClientDII.java
1-7. DII client to consume an array of simple type (int[])
1-8. DII client version for document/literal web service.
1-9. A simple SOAP message (rpc/encoded)
1-10. Simple SOAP message (document/literal)
1-11. Upload the SOAP message: PostXml.java
1-12. Build and post a SOAP message using SAAJ
1-13. The formated SOAP message in a text file: prepared.msg
1-14. Post a SOAP message in a text file, to a web service using SAAJ
1-15. Client code for the Infobel web service
1-16. SimpleHandler.java
1-17. AdapterHandler.java
1-18. How to register a handler for a JAX-RPC/AXIS SOAP client.
2-1. NuSoap client sending complex type as param for a document/literal web service.
2-2. Send a complex type object with NuSoap using WSDL and Proxy object.
2-3. PHP code to query a web service using a pre-formated SOAP message
3-1. A simple and well-known SOAP client with Perl
3-2. Perl/cgi SOAP client using SOAP::Lite.
3-3. Post a SOAP message with Perl.
3-4. Post an XML file to a .NET web service with Perl.
4-1. Simple Python SOAP client consuming my readLS() remote procedure.
4-2. How to parse a wsdl with SOAPpy.
4-3. How to post a SOAP message with Python.
4-4. A Python handler for the .NET Infobel web service.
4-5. Use the Python Sax handler to parse the SOAP response
4-6. Consume a .NET web service: create your SOAP message with DOM using PyXml
4-7. ZSI SOAP client for my Java WSDP web service.
4-8. Accessing internal value of my RCX with Python an ZSI.
4-9. Use ZSI and wsdl2py to consume the remote procedure collInt() from my Java WSDP web service.
4-10. Python/ZSI client for the Infobel .NET web service using wsdl2py.
5-1. A simple gSOAP client
5-2. SOAP client, for .NET web service, with gSOAP: client.c
6-1. Simple C# SOAP client
6-2. Command-line C# .NET SOAP client for the infobel web service
6-3. Simple VB .NET SOAP client