A SOAP web service interface for the Lego Mindstorms RCX.

How to make a Java, PHP, Perl, Python, C/C++, C# or VB .NET SOAP client.

I would like to share with you my interest about SOAP web services and the RCX brick, so I decided to develop a public web service using Java WSDP 1.3 to inferface a RCX rover.

Web services are not always so easy, then you will find a tutorial on how to consume it using Java, PHP, Perl, Python, C/C++ or C# .NET. I hope the guidelines here will help beginners to use the SOAP technology.

In my documentation you will find sample code for SOAP client in Java (JAX-RPC, AXIS), PHP (NuSoap), Perl (SOAP::Lite), Python (SOAPpy et ZSI), C/C++ (gSOAP), C# or VB.NET. All of this to consume a Java WSDP web service (document/literal).

You will also find several sections showing interoperability cases for clients in JAX-RPC (Java), NuSoap (PHP), SOAP::Lite (Perl), PyXml or ZSI (Python), gSOAP (C/C++ under Linux or CygWin) to consume a .NET web service.

Also covered in my doc are "HTTP post" clients in the following languages: Java, Perl and Python. With the advantage of not using any specific SOAP libraries.

See my new chapter on SOAP clients using the free .NET framework SDK with C# and VB .NET and the command-line compilers.

I also have a chapter on gSOAP: make a SOAP client in C/C++. Go to gSOAP introduction. Using gSOAP, it is very easy to handle complex type returned by a SOAP method, try it!.

Learn also how to create and how to register a client-side JAX-RPC handler. I demo how to trace the SOAP message from inside a handler. You will also find how to modify the SOAP message received by adding an attribute using the DOM. Go to JAX-RPC client handler.

I'm going to start to document how to consume secure web service. So I wrote a little article showing how to setup SSL with Tomcat to access web services using https. The new article describe the SSL configuration of Tomcat, server and client certificate creation with certificate authoritie and a test with a web browser.
More soon!

Info, link and doc.

Here you will find several link and info about how to consume the JWSDP web service interfacing my RCX. For the time being, examples are based on Java, PHP, Perl, Python, C/C++ (gSOAP) and C# or VB .NET, others languages will be added later. (See my "SOAP client" tutorial: A real web service for the rcx)

  • My documentation on how to make a SOAP client (to consume a JWSDP 1.3 web service rpc/encoded or document/literal): A real web service for the rcx.
    Use also my index to browse my documentation.
    Do not hesitate to use this tutorial to consume another web service, just follow the steps!
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  • The RCX web service wont be on-line anymore, but you can still learn how to make a SOAP client using several languages, and only with free-tools here.
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