2m EME

2m ground gain


For sale

The QTH  

Low band HF frontend

VHF map


ON6BG-antenna coupler




For sale:  

1. Drake 7 line SOLD
2.  Bird Termaline 50W/50Ω

Oil filled on female N-chassis.

3. Vacuum capacitor SOLD
4. VUSHF directional coupler

Comes with measurement protocol on the main UHF/SHF-bands (432, 1296, 2320M, 3.4G).
Good directivity.
Main line connectors: N female.
Coupled line connectors: SMA (female)chassis.

5. K2AW (Silicon Valley) rectifier diode assemblies. SOLD
6. ON/OFF switches (mains)
2 types:

7. Trio (Kenwood) microphone MC-43S with a 6-pin plug

8. Coax switches (PL-259)
3 types:

Daiwa CS-401 4:1                      NAGASWA 2x 2:1 (linked or not) with wall fixation
1kW upto 800MHz

Barker&Williamson Model CS-6D
-6 position shorting coax switch (non-used ports are shorted)
-1.8-30MHz 1500W on SO-239 connectors
-heavy duty silver plated switch contacts
-cross-talk -45dB between adjacent ports @ 30MHz
-with wall mounting holes

9. HF Low pass filter Kenwood LF-30A

50Ω, max. 1kW PEP
Insertion loss <0.5dB @ 30MHz
>90dB attenuation between 90 to 300MHz

10. 2m transistor PA                                        

2m Microset 80W multimode PA, BNC in, PL259 out (to be tested but hardly used)

11. RTTY telex letter repair set