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Welcome to this web site!

I found time to put these pages on the web. They are due to change and to include some more information about this varying but fascinating hobby and we'll possibly add some more stories and interesting (technical) info .

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Initial page: 19 Feb 2005
30-12-2005: added EME folder, left older info untouched
19-01-2006: updated for sale folder, edited EME folder and added ground gain chapter
22-02: added QTH page and Lore at the "keys" (photo page)
25-02:: adapted QTH page to better describe process and requirements for ground gain measurements with WSJT
26-02: added VHF S9-reference (QTH-page)
28-02: activated counter
27-03: updated -for sale- page
30-03: added more -for sale- books
08-04: edited the metalware part
09/10-04: added some more radio stuff
15-04: added more parts and reduced pricing
21-04: added dummy loads
03-05: edited -for sale- page, added on personal folder: 3 generations picture + license paper ON4SP, Leopold Spelier
09-05: update -for sale- page
22-05: added on -QTH page-: chapter 4- A FM notch filter for 2 meters with 3 coaxial cables
01-06: edited -QTH page- and lowered -for sale- page pricing, edited FM notch filter
09-06: updated -for sale- page
14-06: added FM notch filter values and impact of L2 lengths
28-06: updated for sale page
29-06: added 2m LNA + notch filter plots
30-06: added some more detail to the above
29-07: updated for sale page after major hardware clearance
03-08: added shack picture on personal page, added sequencer and tower pictures on -for sale- page
18-08: updated -for sale- page
21-08: updated -for sale- page
24-08: added OQ5EH-QSL
04-09: added 2m VHF locator map and C53GS info (2m EME expedition)
20-09: edited -for sale- page and added low band HF frontend used for the ON900BN/P operation
29-09: updated -for sale- page
02-10: idem
10-10: added pictures of worked stations on the -2m ground gain- page
11-10: more pictures on the page above
21-10: updated for sale page
07-11: added Linrad intro page
17-11: edited Linrad page
19-11: updated Linrad page
21-11: update for sale page-new items and reduced pricing
27-11: updated Linrad page
03-12: updated for sale page
05-12: update of Linrad parameter settings
07-12: added Dubus activity day SWL-report > Linrad toolbox
14-12: updated for-sale page
22-12: added C53GS EME and satellite info >VHF map
27-12: added new measurement session (FM notch + 2m LNA +2m BPF) > The QTH, chapter 6
04-01-2007: updated for sale page
18-01: updated chapter 2 of the QTH folder: Measuring ground gain antenna lobes with WSJT echo mode
22-01: added chapter 7 on the "The QTH page": the impact of the FM notch filter and the 2m bandpass filter on the Linrad Rx noise floor
27-01: updated for sale page
30-01: added: "Moonrise ground gain also works on WSJT" on 2m ground gain page.
01-02: added antenna pictures of worked WSJT stations
26-03: added home finishing folder, added Lore's video on ON900BN/P folder
16-04: added 4th ground gain moonrise lobe on "2m ground gain"-folder
17-04: added 1st fresnel zone geometry on "2m ground gain"-folder
02-05: added own WSJT-echoes
29-08: added ON6BG antenna coupler
17-09: added correlation between theoretical predicted lobes in the elevation plane and practical elevations after more than 120 2m EME QSO's.
27-09: added some  family pictures
14-10: added some more info about the ON6BG antenna coupler: schematic diagram, basic working and comparison with antenna tuner
18-10: added C53GS trip report (1992 EME expedition to The Gambia) > VHF Map folder
22-11: added Patje's picture about C53GS trip to The Gambia > VHF map
27-11: added text: goal of 100 different  JT65B initials in 10 months, reached  with the 2.87wl antenna, without elevation > 2m
ground gain folder
12-12: added after-LNA filter measurement document > The QTH folder
13-12: added EME-presentation (in dutch) > 2m EME folder
17-12: added 2m EME log >2m ground gain folder
18-12: added bandpass filter datasheet > The QTH folder
06-02-2008: added Linrad calibration part 1 > Linrad toolbox
28-02-2008: added Linrad calibration part 2 > Linrad toolbox
05-03-08: added screenshot of yesterday's 2m NAC >Linrad toolbox
09-03-08: added screenshot of Dubus EME activity event >Linrad toolbox
14-03-08: added optimized FFT2 parameter >Linrad toolbox
18-03-08: added more FFT2 parameter optimisation > Linrad toolbox
28-04-08: added new page: WSJT-screenshots representing WSJT- QSO exchange >click on the antenna image to check the JT65B details
21-06-08: added a new Linrad chapter >Linrad toolbox
28-06-08: added screenshots about my 1st 4m Rx experiences with an indoor folded dipole and the WSE converters >Linrad toolbox
20-09-08: added 2m 2008 EME log > WSJT screenshots
23-09-08: added ARI september 2008 screenshots >Linrad toolbox
11-10-08: added 1st FM reception of Belgian repeater >Linrad toolbox
15-10-08: added more WSJT pictures and screenshots
27-10-08: added Linrad surprises > Linrad toolbox
06-11-08: added MMC2008 SWL report > Linrad toolbox
12-02-09: added Dubus CW activity event 07/02/09 with wav-file
29-03-09: added Dubus CW activity event 28/03/09 with wav-file
31-03-09: added Maaike's volley team picture > Photo
15-04-09: edited Linrad toolbox page
04-05-09: added Dubus CW activity event 26-04-2009
02-06-09: updated/edited  2m EME log >see WSJT-screenhots page
04-06-09: added more screenshots and WSJT-pictures > see WSJT-screenshots page
06-06-09: added CS5BFM copy >Linrad toolbox
24-08-09: updated/edited 2m EME log > see WSJT-screenshots page, added ON7EH/QRP 40m WAC on ON6BG antenna coupler page
10-09-09: added calibration screenshots before/after > see Linrad toolbox page 
21-09-09: changed chapter 4 of the QTH-folder in pdf format, added VHF-system setup to Linrad-folder, added tower dismantling pictures on -for sale- folder
23-09-09: updated/edited 2m EME log  > see WSJT-screenshots page
27-04-10: updated/edited 2m EME log > see WSJT-screenhots page
16-05-10: added new HW with Linrad at the bottom of the Linrad page
21-05-10: added the bloc diagram for new HW with Linrad at the bottom of the Linrad page
30-05-10: adapted for sale page (free-standing tower incl. lift with many attributes sold)
03-09-10: updated 2m EME log > middle of WSJT-screenshots page
19-09-10: updated for sale page
04-01-11: updated 2m EME log > middle of WSJT-screenshots page
25-04-11: reorganized WSJT-screenshots page (no antenna pictures, only with the JT65B-log and observations), added some pictures >photo
26-04-11: updated Linrad page: Linrad+WSJT (snd aloop), updated JT65 EME log > WSJT screenshots page
28-04-11: updated Linrad page: Linrad+WSPR
26-07-11: updated EME logbook and 2m DXCC (100 different countries) achievement > see WSJT screenhots page