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First of all I want to say that English is not my first language, so you'll surely find some strange errors in this page.

My name is Nicolas, Nic, and this page is all about my great hobby, hamradio.
I became a ham in 1999. My callsign then was ON2BIV. This was a novice licence which allowed me to use 15 watts in phone on the 2m amateur band.
Because of the limitations of this license I passed another test in 2001 and became ON1NS. From now on I was a holder of the certificate CEPT Class B. I was allowed to work on all amateur bands above 30 MHz. At that time I was very active on 144MHz and 50MHz. I also worked some stations via amateur-satellite UO-14. My main interrest was DX-ing on  VHF and contesting.
In 2002 I passed to morse-test (after the second try) and obtained a CEPT A-class license. Then my callsign became ON4MGY. The suffix MGY was chosen because MGY was the callsign of the RMS Titanic, the liner that went down in 1912 on her maiden-trip with taking over 1500 people with here. Because I have a great interest in the Titanic, my suffix was chosen rather quick.
I'm still very active on the amateur bands but since I moved to another place I have no space for the VHF beams. I just can place a HF-vertical and a VHF/UHF vertical.
I just love to work DX (yes, it's possible with a vertical and 100Watts !!) and really enjoy contesting. Because of the antenna limitations I know it's impossible to win a contest, but despite that I'm really enjoying operating a few hours during a contest. I'm also member of the World Wide Young Contesters. My number there is 293.

My shack

Take a look in my shack


I really enjoy operating during a contest. Because I don't have much time to operate during most of the contests and my antenna isn't competitive with 4-ele monoband yagi's on 30m towers, I have to be realistic and I know I can't win a contest. What I can do, and actually I do it, is having a great time during a contest, and looking to work new countries or zones, and during BIG contests, for example WAE, CQ WW PFX etc one usually works one or more new ones.

Digital modes

Another interest is working in RTTY or PSK31. For the digital modes I'm using a homebrew interface between the transceiver and the PC.

My homebrew interface

There are a lot of digimodes, but I'm just using PSK31 and RTTY for the moment. RTTY is done with MMTTY, a freeware program and PSK31 is done with PSK31 Deluxe, which is also for free.

Worked country's

country's worked on 50MHz : click here
country's worked on 144 MHz : click here
statistics on HF bands : click here


QSL policy
My first 160m QSO "on my groundantenna" 


73 de ON4MGY Nic

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