What is ON4KS. Those who know what a call sign is they will figure out themself. For those who don't know, it doesn't matter ;)
The main existence of this page is a testbed for javascript and html. And incidentaly distribute some info to those people who care.This page in ultimate update mode...

About / Pictures / Links

Pictures :
Digital pictures, Iceland 2014.

Links :
SMAK ,Modern art museum Ghent
Mukha ,Modern art museum Antwerp
MAC's ,Modern art museum La Grande Hornu
Cinematek ,Film museum Brussels
Ars Musica ,International contemporary music festival
Musée de la Photographie ,Photography museum Charleroi
FotoMuseum ,Photography museum Antwerp
The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki
Reykjavik Museum of Photography
Magnus Lindberg
Ira Chernova ; Photographer
Nelli Palomäki ; Awesome Finnish Photographer
Pentti Sammallahti ; Incredible Finnish Photographer
Inta Ruka ; Photographer From Riga
Ragnar Axelsson ; Awesome Icelandic Photographer
Josef Koudelka ; Czech Photographer
Tokyo Camera Style ; Just see for yourself
Chuck : algorithmic music engine

About :

Hundred Miles of Silence
"Where are you off to?"
"I don't know",Snufkin replied.
The door shut again and Snufkin entered his forest,
with a hundred miles of silence ahead of him.

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