The eme conference is over now, but it has been a tremendous success. As it turned out, there where more than 140 participants, with some 52 accompanying persons attending the event. So a lot of people at the dinning table!! look for yourself in the pictures. There where many interesting lectures regarding all sorts of topics. Also the Noise Figure measurements performed by HB9BBD turned out to be very popular, some 54 devices where measured. Whenever the figures are published by K2UYH in his monthly journal, I will put in the link here. If time allows me, I will publish a more comprehensive overview of the event. As seems usual, on Saturday evening at dinner, it was voted by means of hand raising that the next conference will be held in Florence Italy. There where actually 5 proposals, 2 US based, one in Japan, one in Australia and finally Italy. It must come at no surprise that a European country won the voting, since the majority of the voters are European residents!!

EME Conference 2006 Official Website

group pitcure in front of the hotel. Way to many people to fit in one picture...

G3LTF VK3UM DL9KR and K1JT on the microphone

saturday evening gala dinner

from left to right ON4CO HB9BBD (HB9CW barely vissible) OA4O HB9Q ON7UN ON4BCB

from left on NA4N HB9CW ON7UN Doretee HB9BBD

DJ3FI Very nice homebrew cavity

HB9BBD measuring NF on saturday

OK1DFC he's going to speak english???

ON7UN and W1GHZ discussing the new 13cm Feed in front of the community