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  April grap 1975
  Xlock Yet Another Lock
  Getting accurate frequencies up to the mm waves
  Microwave presentations
  24 GHz page

Contest morse keyer with PIC processor

  Power meter

Capaciteit meter

  Function generator
  Divider by 13
  Using 28 volt SMA relais on 12 volt

  Modifications to TM255:

 Noise measurements
 SDR isolation box


Publications MWRT 2002

(A book was published at the 2002 roundtable event; one article of this book can be found here)

Over 24 GHz

Gerard Geesink, PA0BAT


Publications MWRT 2001


(A book was published at the 2001 roundtable event; a few articles of this book can be found here)


Hans Wagemans, ON4CDU &

Peter Delmotte, ON4CDQ


English  &  Francais   

Noise in satellite links

Gert Cuypers, ON4DSP

 Waveguide-Coaxial line


  Peter Delmotte, ON4CDQ

Waveguide filters for 24 GHz

Peter Pauwels, ON7BPS


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