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UISS Software for packet radio with international space station.
This program has been designed for packet communication with ISS
(International Space Station), PCSat or 'compatible' satellites with ease... Ideal for
any UI packet communication (unproto)
. You can digi or connect the
satellites (or nodes) with UI-frames (unproto) complete with TX-data (text),
APRS location and/or APRS messages, bulletins, news, mail etc...
Although designed for HAM operators communicating with satellites,
can UISS also be used for normal radioamateur basic packet operations too.
Powerful features allows you easy monitoring of any type of AX25 packet traffic.
View the heard stations on a map using UISS module UI-MapView!
Discover the unique features of UISS today...

HAM radio radioamateur radio amateur freeware software at above URL

Schematics of radio's, antenna's, power supplies, amplifiers, converters etc... yagi TV antenna. radio transmitter station.
Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, Comet antenna, velleman kits. information ham radio exams and licenses. radioamateur license

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HAM radio UISS packet radio AGWPE software for satellites radio operator with exams license.