Radio Amateur JY1 King Hussein I of Jordan

In memory of his Majesty King Hussein I of Jordan.
King Hussein was highly regarded by al the radio amateurs around the world, he was a wonderful guy....

King Hussein
Amman, Jordan, Feb 8, 1999 Radio amateurs around the world joined in mourning the the death over the weekend of Jordan's King Hussein, JY1.
Hussein, 63, died Sunday morning. The Middle East's longest-reining ruler, he'd been Jordan's King for 47 years, taking the throne when he was just a teenager. His son, Abdullah, 37, succeeds him.

Hussein was a life member of the ARRL.ARRL Executive Vice President David Sumner, K1ZZ, Called him "an enthusiastic radio amateur whose support was invaluable to us in obtaining new amateurs bands at the 1979 World Administrative Radio Conference" Sumner recalled that in May 1979, International Amateur Radio Union President Noel Eaton, VE3CJ, was invited to Amman to meet with King Hussein.

"Jordan's support of the Amateur Service was much in evidence at the conference that fall, and was a crucial element in our success," Sumner said. The WARC-79 resulted in amateur radio's gaining the 30, 17, and 12-meters bands.

That same year, JY1 was featured in the film,"The World of Amateur Radio" Hussein regarded his 1983 contact with Owen Garriott, W5LFL, onboard the Space Shuttle, as a high point in his amateur radio activity.

King Hussein JY1

Download the file and Listening to a part of this Historic two-way contact between Owen Garriot W5LFL and King Hussein JY1.
The file is recorded in Real Audio (47 Sec) (298.913 Kb)

King Hussein also participated in the historic 1995 joint Israel-Jordan JY74X operation on Mt Nebo, where hams from both countries participated in a field day like operation.
The King put in appearances both on the air and in person, much to the delight of the participants and those waiting to work him and JY74X.

JY1 working pileup
His Majesty, JY1, working the pileup

Hussein's friend Bruce "Blackie" Blackburn, W4TA/JY99BB, of St Petersburg, Florida, called him "One of the world's most respected amateur" and recounted many stories about King Hussein as a person and an avid amateur radio operator."He was a wonderful guy, interested in everything and everyone," he said.

Blackburn first meet King Hussein in 1973 when he traveled to Jordan after retiring from a position with the US government.Blackburn had heard that the King was interested in radio and decided to approach him about setting up a communications system for royal communications.Blackburn says that, at that time, the only radio system in place was HF and a means for reliable, local communications was needed.
Blackburn got an appointment with the King and worked with him to develop a microwave backbone system. Blackburn later moved his family to Jordan and lived there until 1980, becoming Hussein's friend and an advisor in various areas of communications.

Blackburn said King Hussein "promoted amateur radio to the hilt in Jordan" and saw to it that amateur radio classes we instituted in elementary schools.King Hussein also dropped in on meetings of the Royal Jordanian Radio Amateur Society in Amman.King Hussein also was involved with the early satellite experiments.

Pat Kilroy, WD8LAQ, says he enjoyed a three-minute contact on 20 meters with the King in the fall of 1995."JY1 was traveling aeronautical mobile, enroute to the United Nations.He insisted on me addressing him simply as 'Hussein'," he said.
"In one of the oldest traditions in amateur radio, Hussein upheld that this kinship transverses not only age and nationality, but also between citizen and head of state!"

Kilroy said his QSO with Hussein came right after a launch of the shuttle Colombia, and Hussein was monitoring the WA3NAN space shuttle retransmission frequency.
"Recalling his historic two-way contact with Owen Garriott, W5LFL, on STS-9 in 1983, I struck up a conversation on the latest educational benefits of SAREX (Space Amateur Radio EXperiment),"he recounted.
"Hussein was indeed interested in the program and pleased to see it develop".

King Hussein Hussein had been active in recent months from the US while seeking cancer treatment at Minnesota's Mayo Clinic.
A QSO with JY1 was considered by many hams to be both an honor and a privilege.His elegant QSL card was prized. AMSAT Area Coordinator Bruce Paige, KK5DO, in Houston, worked JY1 while the King was in the US last summer.
"I have worked astronauts aboard the shuttle, cosmonauts aboard Mir, DX stations on rare islands," Paige said. "None of then gave me the rush that talking to the King has done. That was a very exciting moment for me."

All members of the Jordanian royal family have Amateur Radio privileges in Jordan. Although the new King does not appear to have a call sign, King Hussein's widow Queen Noor is JY1NH.King Hussein's brother, the former Crown Prince Hassan, is JY2HT, while his cousin, Prince Raad, JY2RZ, is chairman of the Royal Jordanian Radio Amateur Society.

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