Updated: 2001/10/25

Experiment of the polar mount for AO-40

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1. Polar mount?

It is equipped in the tracked calculation software Calsat32 of JR1HUO Aida compilation, using the plotting function of satellite position to ahead N period, playing, you became aware in strange thing. The position of the AO-40, being to be intensive near a certain 1 line with respect to the celestial sphere, it does.

When in trial, you try making the position of the AO-40 of 20 circumferences all charts indicate from 2001/10/25, the right (->) it becomes like the photograph. You do not call to perigee closely and the kana time zone, you take the position where angle of elevation is a little low, but the other than that as in the figure, on 1 line of west - south 55 degrees - east, being to have been settled inside the range of top and bottom 5 degree, it does.

It launches the AO-40 and with trouble of propulsion type after, it has remained in the track whose tracked angle of dip is low. Because of this, the revolution aspect of the satellite to the equatorial plane is close, position of applying similar to the geostationary satellite and month very from only the ground, it is the meaning which reaches the point where position on 1 line with respect to the celestial sphere is occupied.

With what is said is used, the plural geostationary satellite change reception systems and lunar surface reflection communication (the EME) et cetera with, perhaps, with " polar mount " system, without the angle of elevation rotator it can pursue the AO-40, don't you think?.

The polar mount, as polar (the Polaris) name shows, the axis of rotation of the antenna is directed to the Polaris, (the rotation axis and the axis of rotation of the earth become in parallel) with thing, with just revolution of 1 axis, try to direct the antenna to everything of equatorial plane direction 180 degree, it does at one of drive systems of the antenna. The lunar surface reflection communication which uses the month when the position where it is close to the equatorial plane is moved (the EME) and, changing the radio wave from the plural broadcast * communication satellites on the geostationary satellite track, it is utilized in the antenna and the like in order to receive.

For example the right (->) the photograph is the commercial item of the polar mount metallic parts for the medium-sized parabolic antenna in order to receive the communication satellite and the broadcast satellite, but after setting the angle of top and bottom direction to the fixed angle of elevation which is decided by the latitude of installation position, by the fact that the actuator is installed in left and right, movement of the antenna to east - south x degree - western direction is made possible. However, regrettable this product because the variable range is narrow, is inadequate in the amateur satellite which is moved to the horizonal vicinity of east west.

In case of the AO-40, it is low with say as for the tracked inclined nucleus not to be zero, in addition not to be the geosynchronous orbit, because it is the long elliptical orbit, strictly, it is not the meaning which always exists on a certain 1 line different from the geostationary satellite and month, . Depending upon the position relationship of the observation point, there is fluctuation of abundance in maximum elevation if and, the satellite gets near to perigee, angle of elevation goes down.

But, if beam width 2 times 3 times is to use the large-sized Dish anyhow, if it is the Dish of 45 - 100cm class and single use of loop Yagi's, it tries to even because beam width 5 - 10 degrees it is, to take the kind of angle where the satellite is settled inside the range of that beam width, in combination with to seasonal variation, fine to be able to adjust that, there being some fluctuation of angle of elevation, in utility dizziness do, it is completed, being to think, it does.
In addition, when it becomes the perigean vicinity, angle of elevation goes down largely, but because attitude of the satellite is not faced 3 axes in the circumstance which is not controlled, as for the original Motoko's time zone as for the beam antenna, the beacon signal cannot receive the earth in the ロク. Naturally, also non- it is realistic to communicate to this time zone by way of the transponder. As for not being able to chase with the polar mount, if it does from entire time, being to be extremely part, because it does,
" it does not correspond ", dividing , you think this part it does not care, don't you think? it is is.

If only the rotator which turns the すると and 1 axis from such thought it is, high price without the horizontality * angle of elevation pursuit system to pursue the AO-40 remotely, being to think, it becomes possible it does.

2. Actualization method of polar mount examination

So, it is examination of concrete method. Previously expressed sort, the variable range of the metallic parts of marketing with respect to structure is not wide so, 100 degrees around there it is. Is, because the expansion and contraction mechanism which is called to the movement of horizontal direction the actuator is used, but if case of the AO-40, because revolution of 180 degrees is necessary to the horizon of east west, east west either one just 1 direction divides, anyhow, just a little there is an excessiveness.

The horizontal rotator which is marketed in the one for amateur radio being something which cannot be used, it does, the ょ う? Because as for the angle of elevation rotator, the user is limited, it is expensive with shortage of goods, but if it is the horizontal rotator, there is to medium * large-sized Sawayama from those of of small-sized light weight for the TV and, also the used item has circulated large number. If " being able to lay down " this, it installs, it may be able to achieve purpose, is.

So, the left (<-) you tried thinking of the structure the way first.

... But, the neck is structure of the rotator. Because being able to tilt it is not something which is designed to prerequisite, being able to withstand the load which falls on the direction outside schedule the bearing, the water pit stops doing functioning by the fact that it becomes slanted, it does not mean that the internal motor submerges at the time of the rainfall or... and so on and so on.

Either this structure itself well enough with large pattern, just a little does not face to the simple base which utilizes the tripod of the アラキ inside.

But, having been troubled, it does not start. The fact that you verify that waterproofing or loading problem in regard to utility the remoteness pursuit of the AO-40, there is no problem with the polar mount with as a postponement , is deciding beforehand. It seems that is possible to be broken, using the old horizontal rotator, you try trying first, it should, is.

It had transferring the rotator DR-7500 of the old ダイワ where the happiness, it had become unnecessary from local bureau. A little heavily being to want in the test, it does, but we had decided to try using this.

Presently installing the 80cm Dish, installing in the tripod of the アラキ of the thing drying stand in prerequisite, being light, being small, the mount metallic parts because (cost does not catch and), the rotator approximately 55 degrees can tilt are necessary. The result of examination, the right (->) with the structure the way, we will have decided to try doing in trial.

The metallic parts, L angle of the available 30cm and flat angle of the 30cm, similarly are the I rec tar pipe of the 30cm even at the DIY store of countryside. Fixing of angle with the volt/bolt * nut of standard, angle and the pipe does with the mount metallic parts for the TV.

Uniting the fact that it rises is this (<-).

The black pipe where are the left side and vertically of the photograph, it is the part which is suitable to the mast of the tripod. The mast it locks with the cross mount.

Inclination of the rotator does with L angle underneath and movement of installation position of the mast. With saying, it is heavy, unless adjustment must be possible when you attach the rotator which wants because, with this way structure the マズ it is and thinks but in addition..., well, that, the Hi which future we will have decided to think.

2001/10/28 (day), with forecast it was the last day rain, but it fell and/or stopped and/or it was unstable weather. Occasionally there was a time when the rain stops, making use of the interval, really it tried installing in the temporary base of the thing drying stand.

It is the photograph which the right (->) assembled and photographed on the middle. The left side of the photograph, when the base is locked in the mast, as for the right side it is the place where the rotator is locked there. The mount is arranged the mast axis septentrional. The rotator is laid down in 35 degrees.

The water pit which is opened in the base of the rotator, being able to tilt, in order to install is not useful. Then, the insulated base of the cable junction part of the rotator and portion of the gasket were cut and after lacking, the rotator was locked in the kind of position where that becomes the downward look. You have expected the water which penetrated into the rotator itself in a some reason... probably will become in being drained from the notch of the cable part with originally the water pit as an air hole. However it probably is methodological what whose it is correct to do again to bore the hole through the substance of the rotator, don't you think?.

Continuing, it arranges the antenna. First the left (<-), it is the place where the 80cm Dish which is used in reception of the 2.4gHz is installed. When you install in the position where it is far from the motor because load becomes large, the mast clamp it locks immediately on.

The black mast where it has been taken to the photograph, with the support of the fiberglass make which is used in laver cultivation, before the 6 years above purchases in the one for satellite, being something which is neglected with the warehouse, does. In plan of beginning (A) of the photograph in the part, because it was the intention of setting Yagi of the 435mHz for uplink, it cut rather in the long め. When, you try trying probably to set Yagi of the 435mHz there really... the cable does not reach, it is is , the ほ ほ.

Then, in order to mount the Yagi Antenna Co., Ltd. of the 435mHz in a lower position, to use the crossbar. The crossbar is the I rec tar pipe of the 120cm which was used until now. When so, the antenna is installed just one side of the crossbar, weight balance left and right does not take . On the right Yagi of the 435mHz, we had decided to set loop Yagi of the 1.2gHz on the left as a counter weight then, considered as the rear. This the right (->) is the photograph.

Because actually wiring is not done to the antenna of the 1.2gHz, at present time, functioning it has not done only as a mere weight in order to take balance. In addition because (A) the part it is excessive, while being close, you intend probably to cut down shortly.

Mount state of ↑ crossbar
<- Is arranged cleanly the antenna for the AO-40 which

At present while compiling...

By Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR

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