Our glass collection

vitrine_chambre.jpg (13721 octets)

We found our first old glass pieces at a fair in Maryland, USA, about 20 years ago, where we bought two reddish orange vases with curious black filigree curved around the outside. We learned that these had been hand made probably in Czechoslovakia around the turn of the century.

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That small purchase launched our collection, and since that time we found numerous other pieces, some attributed to the designer Michel Powolny, who worked with Loetz.

We also have found interesting pieces made in Belgium, where we now live, and in other cities around Europe. Although we love the looks of the Art Deco period, we generally avoid the high prices.

We like vases with the shape of a "jack in the pulpit" flower, and have found examples, in many colors, from many places.

Here is our collection.

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