ZNKR Seiteigata

Numbers 9 - 12


9 - Soete tsuki

One enemy on the left. Cut from the shoulder, finish with hand below the sword, height of the hips.

Tsuki horizontally.

10 - Shiho giri

Four opponents, approaching from the four corners. On the third step strike the front right opponent on the wrist with your tsuka.

Draw to breast height, turn and tsuki to the suigetsu of the rear left enemy with a sliding step, keeping tension on the right foot.

Turn back to the front right enemy and cut him down while stepping forward with the left foot.

Step towards the rear right enemy and cut him down. Turn towards the front left enemy passing through wakigamae.

Take a big step forward with the right foot and finish the last enemy.

Step back with the right foot to jodan, make jodan as big as possible. Step back with the left foot and perform chiburi. Noto.

11 - So giri

One or more enemies approaching from the front. On the third step, draw forward, then withdraw the right foot while performing uke nagashi.

Cut three times diagonally, first to the chin, then to suigetsu and then to horizontal, moving the sword up on the same path each time. The left hand is always in the center. Then cut once horizontally and once vertically. All cuts are with advancing the right foot.

Yoko chiburi and noto.

12 - Nuki uchi

One enemy attacks from the front. Grasp the sword, step backwards while drawing upwards, evading the cut, the right hand is in the center, unlike n 11 this is no uke nagashi but like nuki men. Then step forward and cut horizontally. Step back with the right foot and perform yoko chiburi. Noto. Take one step forward to the starting position.

Closing rei

Sit down into seiza, right hand first on the hakama before pulling the sageo.

Push the sword forward with the left hand and take over with the right hand. Left hand on the koshi. Place the kojiri on the floor with the sword held vertically, put down the sword, parallel to the shoulders, edge inwards and tsuka to the left.

Bow to the sword as in the opening torei.

Pick up the sword with the right hand, controlling the tsuba with the index, and place in front of your center. The left is not at the kojiri, take the sword to the left hip, and take over with the left hand.

Rise, pass the sword to the right side and bow to shomen. Return the sword to keito. Retreat left foot first, 4 small steps and turn around.