ZNKR Seiteigata

Numbers 5 - 8

5 - Kesa giri

One enemy approaches from the front. Cut in the left side and right shoulder. The sword not too much to the side.

Withdraw the right foot to hasso no kamae.

Perform chiburi while stepping back with the left foot. Noto.

6 - Morote tsuki

Two opponents from the front, one from behind. Cut the first enemy accross the face.

Perform a twohanded stab to the suigetsu.

Turn and cut the rear enemy.

Turn to finish the second enemy from the front.

Yoko chiburi and noto.

7 - Sanpo giri

Three enemies, one in front and one on each side. Intimidate the enemy in front, cut the right enemy's face.

Check the front enemy, then turn to the left one and cut him down.

Step to the front with the right foot and cut down the final opponent.

Step back with the right foot to jodan no kamae, step back with the left foot and perform chiburi. Noto.

8 - Ganmen ate

One enemy in front and one behind. Strike the front enemy between the eyes with your tsuka.

Draw and turn, sword horizontal. Thrust onehanded to the suigetsu.

Turn and cut down the first enemy.

Yoko chiburi and noto.