ZNKR Seiteigata

Opening Rei - Numbers 1 - 4

Opening ceremony

Enter the embu area starting with the right foot. From keito, face the shomen. Transfer the sword to the right hand. Bow to the shomen. Return the sword to the left hand and face the front again.

Opening torei

From keito, go to seiza. Place the left knee on the floor first.

Place the katana on the ground with the edge facing out.

Salute the sword with a feeling of being one with the sword. The right hand is advanced last and withdrawn first.

Insert the sword in the obi. Sageo is managed as in your koryu.

1 - Mae

One enemy in front in seiza. The first cut is to the eyes, the right foot is advanced for the first cut.

After the second cut the katana is a little below horizontal.

Perform o-chiburi, the left hand on the hip.

Perform ashi-sabaki.

Perform noto. The knee touches the floor when the katana is in the saya. When standing, the left foot joins the right.

2 - Ushiro

One enemy in seiza behind you.

Rise and turn by lifting the left knee while drawing the sword and cutting horizontally. While rising, the feet must remain together.

Advance and cut as in Mae except now the left foot leads.

Perform chiburi, ashi sabaki and noto as before but with reversed feet.

3 - Uke Nagashi

One enemy on the left in seiza. The enemy suddenly stands up and attacks. Move left foot towards right knee and stand, perform uke nagashi (sliding parry), and cut.

Perform chinugui and gyaku noto.

4 - Tsuka ate

In tate hiza, one enemy in front and one behind. Strike the suigetsu with your tsuka.

Thrust into the second suigetsu.

Face the front, and cut the first opponent.

Yoko chiburi.