Welcome to my web site!

Finally found some time to "create" my own site.

My job.

My name is Nico Ottevaere and as CPO in the Belgian Navy, I am the maintenance technician of the Naval Mine Warfare Simulator at the Belgian/Netherlands Mine Warfare School EGUERMIN in Ostend, Belgium. Under "NMWSIM" is a nice section on the simulator.  

My passions

I have been a Tin Can enthusiast for as long as I can remember.  

Building a large, radio controlled scale model of such a beautiful ship has been a dream for over 25 years, and now, I finally laid down the keel.  The pages under USS NICHOLAS tell the story of my model.  

Under GFCS is the description of a scale Gun Fire Control System I developed for my ship.  It allows all guns to align with a target, tracked by a gun director.  Although it is a rather large page, the GFCS is a relative simple, yet functional item and I am rather proud of it.

For those interested in more background information on real destroyers or on models, I suggest some links and reading material under My Favorites.

Hope you will enjoy my site.  I welcome all comments or remarks Mail_me.