Mystic Orb

I am sorry, but if you see this, then for some reason I was unable to display the game. I apologise for any discomfort this may have caused you. -_-



The Mystic Orbs of Light in the Temple of Life have been extinguished by Mr. Bad! Luckily, he was caught and put in jail. But the Temple of Life still is a mess. If the Mystic Orbs are not lit, all light will disappear from the world!

Fortunately, there is a smart, brave person who will save the world: You! Your job is to light all of the Mystic Orbs in the temple again. You will begin in the first room of the Temple. When you light all Mystic Orbs in that room, you will advance to the next room. Visit all the rooms, light all Orbs and save the world! ^_~

How To Play

Your goal is to make all Orbs in the room yellow, like this: yellow orb.
Each time you click on an Orb, it changes it's color. But, it also starts a chain reaction. The color of all it's touching neighbours to the north, east, south and west, will also change color. If an Orb that is already yellow is touched, it will change it's color again. The kind of color change depends on the room you are in.

There are in 3 kinds of rooms, namely:

There are also black orbs that will disappear if touched.
black orb

If you want to stop playing, please write down or remember the name of the current room. When you come back later, fill in the name of that room in the box below the Orbs, and click on "Go To Room" to go to the room with that name. If you get stuck, you can click the "Start Over" button to reset the state of the room. As of now, there are 50 rooms to visit! Even though some may seem difficult, there is a solution for all of them. Good luck!


Mystic Orb was written by Björn De Meyer. Feel fee to send any constructive comments. Thanks to VJ Vis for inspiring me when I first wrote this game in C++. Also thanks to my parents for taking care to me, M. M. for being such a happy lover of puzzle games, and to all other people I have ever met, Y. Y., N. N., D. R., Y. H., K. S., M. , A., etc, etc. ^_^

Ending remarks

You may distribute this program freely onder the Zlib license. This means, said in short, that you must give me credit, and that you may not pretend that you wrote this program. For the rest, peace and joy to you all. ^_^