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Move your ass and feel the beat...
This site has been constructed because the information about New Beat that was available on the Internet was pretty scarse (which is still the case). However, your webmaster had a lot of material scattered around and came up with the (brilliant) idea to finally do something with the webspace offered by his I.S.P. There had never been any interesting subjects for a "homepage", but finally a decision was made. In any case, there has to be some reason why all those magazines, articles and CDs have been preserved for so many years ? (I'm such a nostalgic soul, aren't I ? :-)

After a fairly long period of preparation and development of the HTML-pages you can find the final results right here. Naturally it's near impossible to incorporate everything that concerns New Beat. That has never been the intention anyway. Hopefully you'll find something you're looking for or that's of some interest to you.

Please take into account that the copyrights on featured covers and photos has remained unchanged and that these are only offered at this site for informational purposes on a non-commercial basis. It goes without saying that any commercial use of this material is strongly discouraged (as it is a violation of international laws). That goes for all text as well, be it original ones by the webmaster or featured articles. All lay-out and HTML-sourcefiles are copyright protected (© 2004).

Copyright protection is also the reason why there are no audio-examples available at this site. Being a private site with no income whatsoever, the possibility to pay copyright fees to SABAM (= the Belgian association for copyright-holders of audio-material) was out of the question. However, in the meantime a lot of New Beat tracks are available on YouTube.

First version of the pages was put online during week 26 of 2004. Minor adjustements will occur now and again, especially if new information has become available or if any of the featured material needs to be changed.

Have fun ;-)
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Latest changes/additions :
  • week 13/2018 : added 1 CD to the Compilations page
  • week 01/2018 : general update of the English version (all pages)
  • week 50/2017 : general update of the Dutch version (all pages)
  • week 17/2009 : general update of the Links and After New Beat pages
  • week 18/2007 : general update of the After New Beat page (links + compilations)
  • week 17/2007 : added 1 CD to the Compilations
  • week 36/2006 : 9 new additions to the eBay-stuff page (final update)

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