Legato NetWorker Reporter Utility Version History Page.

Date Version Change / New Features
  Known Issues
  • Known problem : Possible reporter crash/failures on Linux

    I received notices regarding reporter crash or failures in processing nsradmin calls.
    After long investigations, the problem is caused by CR+LF not properly handled.
    Current workaround is to unset LANG and or LC_CTYPE variable(s) before
    calling NSR_xxxx binaries :
    eg : cd <path>/bin; unset LANG ; ./NSR_REPORTER -s <server> .......

  • Known problem : Invalid Browse and Retention Policy Dates

    I received notice regarding problems with dates after 2038,
    NetWorker reporter aborting with :

    root# ./NSR_REPORTER -s server -D "MM/DD/YY"
    Cannot handle date (0, 0, 0, 11, 10, 2038) at Time/Local.pm
    line 101
    Broken Pipe

    I gave my code a look and reproduced the problem within seconds.
    The problem is not within my code but with Perl and Operating Systems not handling
    dates properly after Jan 19, 2038.

    Up to now, NetWorker reporter uses a 32-bit signed integer holding
    dates converted to Epoch seconds. Using 32-bits signed integer,
    you can only represent dates (in GMT) from
    Fri Dec 13 20:45:52 1901 to Tue Jan 19 03:14:07 2038 (inclusive).

    Problem has been workarounded by assuming date as undef (undefined)
    for dates after Jan 1rst, 2038.

    See also NetWorker 7.1.3 Release notes :

    Limitation on Browse and Retention Policy Dates (LGTpa37508)

    Client file index browse and save set retention policies can be set no later than the year
    2038. This is caused by an operating system limitation in which support for times is
    limited to a maximum of 68 years starting from the year 1970.

    Note: An expired save set retention date does not automatically result in the save set
    being overwritten. Save sets can only be overwritten after the retention policy has
    expired and the user selects to either relabel the volume or manually delete the save set
    from the volume.


    To enable full browse and retention policies beyond the year 2038, use the NetWorker
    Archive feature. For more information about data archiving, refer to the NetWorker
    Administratorís Guide.

    LEGATO NetWorker, Release 7.1.x, UNIX and Linux Version, Release Supplement, p37.
    Copyright © 1990-2005 by EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.


15-Dec-2012 6.0 Refer to Documentation Guide for complete listing !
21-July-2009 5.0

NOTICE : A lot of new features have been introduced relying on text-based semicolon (";") separated fields
configuration files. As much as possible, if you want to say compatible with most of the web-based servers
or end-user browsers and avoid possible garbage in displayed text and in graph legends, please avoid
using language specific chars and/or special chars (such "/", "\", ":", "*", "?", "'", """, ...). Keep this it mind.
You may experience broken or ghost links depending the OS you are browsing reports from.
With this new release, all of your reporting dreams will come true. Have a nice and powerful surf.

What's new in Device / Jukebox Monitoring Area...

  • : Added, on top of tree structure, backup server statistics, including device status (enabled/serviced/disabled
    device count, enabled/disabled jukebox count, backup and recover session count and volume).
    Require NSR_DEVICE_MONITOR to be scheduled each 5 minutes.
  • : Added File and Advanced File-type volume size evolution for mounted and unmounted volumes.
    Require NSR_DEVICE_MONITOR to be scheduled each 5 minutes.
    Introduced "-filedevonly" option to NSR_DEVICE_MONITOR to disable Device Session and I/O Rate
    monitoring and only proceed with File and Adv File Volume Size Evolution.
    Require that Advanced File-type device's "default volume capacity" to have been set at device level
    before Advanced File-type volume labelling.
    To have statistics automatically added in monitoring sub-folder, NSR_REPORTER requires "-monitor" flag.
  • : Added per library deposited and withdrawn volume(s) count graphical evolution.
    Require NSR_LIBRARY_MONITOR to be scheduled on an hourly base.
    Refer to FAQ page for more information about setting-up library and pool monitoring
    using Tobi Oetiker's RRD Tool utility. To have statistics automatically added in monitoring sub-folder,
    NSR_REPORTER requires "-monitor" flag.
  • : Added per library and pool-based new&recyclable, in use, full and readonly volumes provisioning
    graphical monitoring. Require NSR_LIBRARY_MONITOR to be scheduled on an hourly base.
    Refer to FAQ page for more information about setting-up library and pool monitoring
    using Tobi Oetiker's RRD Tool utility. To have statistics automatically added in monitoring sub-folder,
    NSR_REPORTER requires "-monitor" flag.
  • : Added datazone-wide and pool based new&recyclable, in use, full and readonly volume(s) count
    monitoring, including per pool and per library nearline used capacity, avg compression rate and native & average
    remaining capacity. Require NSR_LIBRARY_MONITOR to be scheduled on an hourly base.
    Refer to FAQ page for more information about setting-up library and pool monitoring
    using Tobi Oetiker's RRD Tool utility. To have statistics automatically added in monitoring sub-folder,
    NSR_REPORTER requires "-monitor" flag.
  • : Added datazone-wide and pool based total stored data size monitoring.
    Require NSR_LIBRARY_MONITOR to be scheduled on an hourly base.
    Refer to FAQ page for more information about setting-up library and pool monitoring
    using Tobi Oetiker's RRD Tool utility. To have statistics automatically added in monitoring sub-folder,
    NSR_REPORTER requires "-monitor" flag.
  • : Added user-definable device activity group-by rulesets. Refer to FAQ page for more information about
    setting-up group-by ruleset using Tobi Oetiker's RRD Tool utility. Require NSR_DEVICE_MONITOR
    to be scheduled each 5 minutes.  To have statistics automatically added in monitoring sub-folder,
    NSR_REPORTER also requires "-monitor" flag. For easier ruleset creation, you can also consider using
    Group-by Device Rules Editor from Reporting Utility Customizer tree sub-folder.
    Thanks to Damien GOUJU, New'Arch, France, for the very good suggestion !
  • : Added Client Performance Monitoring. Require NSR_DEVICE_MONITOR to be launched
    with "-clientperf" flag. To enable(default)/disable one or more client(s) from performace monitoring,
    use Client Inventory Rules Editor Wizard (or fill 'Yes' to enable or 'No' to disable as 6th field in
    data/${backup_server}config/client_config.txt configuration file).
  • : To decrease CPU Utilization and Disk I/O required by RRDTool Graph generation, added "-fastgraph"
    Only missing or out-dated graphs will be rendered when needed. No history data will be drop.
  • : Added device state change (enabled/disabled/serviced) tracking. Require NSR_DEVICE_MONITOR
    to be scheduled each 5 minutes and NSR_REPORTER to be launched with "-monitor" flag.
  • : Enhanced NSR_DEVICE_MONITOR by adding, by device and by DDS-shared device, last device activity time.
    To have statistics automatically added in monitoring sub-folder, NSR_REPORTER requires "-monitor" flag.
  • : Added, per active pool, per active group and per active storage node, expandable data used to
    generate graph, this, making easier the reuse of the data out of the reporting utility.
    Thanks to Damien GOUJU, New'Arch, France, for the very good suggestion !
  • : Added recover progress evolution and expected recover completion time in
    NSR_MONITOR generated realtime activity monitor pages. To have statistics automatically added in monitoring
    sub-folder, NSR_REPORTER requires "-monitor" flag.
  • : Enhanced NSR_DEVICE_MONITOR by adding client-based performance monitoring of active
    Archive/Backup sessions and writing rate.
    Thanks to Calogero (Lillo) Quattrocchi, Fujitsu-Siemens, Brussels, Belgium for the very good suggestion.
  • : Added File and Advanced File Devices On Disk Inventory and Volume Usage Evolution.
    NSR_REPORTER requires "-file_dev_inv" flag. Volume Usage Evolution is built-in in NSR_DEVICE_MONITOR.
    To restrict NSR_DEVICE_MONITOR to only process File and Advanced File Devices, use "-filedevonly" flag
    with your NSR_DEVICE_MONITOR command.
  • : Added current cleaning tape reporting, allowing, at once, an overview of nearline cleaning volumes and their
    current remaing usage.
  • : Added storage node based pool, media type and device accessibility, making easier troubleshooting
    of wrong/unavailable pool volume selection errors.
  • : Added "-resetdb" option to NSR_DEVICE_MONITOR, NSR_LIBRARY_MONITOR and
    NSR_INFRASTRUCTURE_MONITOR to force recreation of RRDTool Databases. Take care, historized
    data will be lost. May be useful when migrating NetWorker Reporter to another OS platform.
  • : Added "-trackvol <polling interval>" option to NSR_DEVICE_MONITOR, enabling per Volume and per
    Device Volume Mount Request Tracking.
  • : Added automatic cleaning tape usage report.
  • : Added pool provisioning and pool vaulting assistant. (See FAQ for setup)

What's new in Backup Infrastructure Monitoring Area...

  • : Added "Who is your contact for ..." report (). Refer to FAQ page for more information about setting-up.
  • : Added Infrastructure monitoring, allowing, on a 5 minutes or hourly base, to monitor external
    components or resource such as Server/SN/Client's CPU usage, Swap evolution, Network load ...
    and to have graphed evolutions to be integrated within NetWorker Reporting Utility console.
    Refer to FAQ page for more information about setup requirements to be used with Tobi Oetiker's RRD Tool
    utility and about scheduleling NSR_INFRASTRUCTURE_MONITOR on a 5 minutes or hourly base.
    To have statistics automatically added in monitoring sub-folder, NSR_REPORTER requires "-monitor" flag.
  • : Added Min, Max and Current values in generated by NSR_DEVICE_MONITOR and NSR_LIBRARY_MONITOR
    rrdtool-based graphs. Note for weekly, monthly and yearly graphs, data will be, on certain graphed data serie,
    averaged, resulting in a decreased tendency. Decreasing CPU load on reporting station, weekly, monthly and yearly
    graphs will only be regenerated when needed (changed or not existing).

What's new in Change Management and Configuration Reports Area...

  • : Added tracking of last datazone restart, tracking back amount of backup/recover session(s) and size.
  • : Added tracking of resource (client, group, pool, device, jukebox, ...) creation date.
  • : Added time of last detected modification for Pool, Group and Client resources in per Resource ID Inventory.
  • : Improved client, device, group, library and pool configuration reports.
  • : Added tracking of deleted licenses, including history of old enabler codes, authorization codes and removal time.
  • : Added Client and Pool relationship in Group Configuration Summary view.
  • : Added Device Resource Identifier in per Resource Id Inventory map.
  • : Added filtering feature in configuration summary views to allow faster configuration lookups.
    Many thanks to Yoav Loewenstein, Internet Gold Zahav (ISP), Israel, for useful enhancement suggestion.
  • : Added reporting of Used Connection and Service ports for each active client. Require "-firewall" parameter.
    Special thanks to Sander Visser, KPMG, The Netherlands, for his assistance.
  • : Added Topology reports for easier retrieving which storage node, pool or group a client is using
    or being member of, easier infrastructure follow-up and inter-site NetWorker Data Flow.
  • : Enhanced SILO Library configuration reporting by gathering Silo-based Logical Device Name
    and pairing with NetWorker Device Name ( /dev/xxx, \\.\tapex or rd=<host>:<device>).
  • : Enhanced Device and Library configuration reports by adding Device Comment field, making easier
    troubleshooting jukebox device mapping.
  • : Added Time-line based SaveGroup Autostart Scheduling Overview
  • : Added Support of Virtual Tape Library ().
  • : NSR_REPORTER will now display in configuration details sub-tree icon-links to the previously generated
    DNS Name Resolution and Firewall Port Settings detail pages in way of just hidding the links when
    feature(s) to be disabled. Special thanks to Sander Visser, KPMG, The Netherlands, for the useful suggestion.
    To force refreshing these pages, act normally by removing "-nodns" or adding "-firewall" options respectively.
    To force hidding the links, just remove (or rename) the files index_hostsaddr.html & index_ipaddr.html and/or
    index_client_firewall_port_cfg.html if they exist under ./data/<server being monitored>/ directory
    and relaunch NSR_REPORTER.
  • : Added new Active Client Configuration Overview, helping datazone administrator to track configuration
    mismatch and to keep clean datazone environment.
  • : Added automatic export of Bootstrap reports and Client, Group, Group Scheduling, Installed Licenses
    and Pool configuration to Microsoft Excell (.XLS) file.

What's new in Backup Quality Control Area...

  • : Redesigned Active Backup Window Editor for easier editting on large environments, now including
    High Watermark value, alarming being issued once client exceed its quota. Client evolution graphs will also
    take that limit into account unless it to be disabled (Per client Watermark set to 0 by default).
  • : Added, in addition of existing activity gantt-charts, per week-day expected and effective client
    and group activity window for easier activity windows monitoring, SLA Validation and tuning.
  • : Added per "backup type" Backup Quality Control Summary view.
  • : Added reporting of last full cycle date in per client, per group and general detailed tabular views.
  • : Added detection of abnormal full-cycle saveset size variation (difference of 25% between cycle), this for
    easier tracking of abnormal volume/pool usage.
  • : Added per client and datazone wide historized % of success KPI.
  • : Enhanced gantt charts by adding visualisation of failed backups during queried period.
  • : Added tabular status view of per group backup and auto-cloning results.
    Many thanks to Nathan Kostal, SAFECO Corporation, USA, for the very good suggestion
  • : Added Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Backup Inventory (-msexchmb flag)
  • : Added Microsoft SQL Database Inventory (-mssqldb flag)
  • : Added automatic export of backup control to Microsoft Excell (.XLS) file.
  • : Added automatic export of customizable backup control reports to Microsoft Excell (.XLS) file,
    including automatic SMTP-based Mail delivery. (See FAQ for setup)

What's new in Saveset Detection and Reporting Area...

  • : Added detection of To-From and From-To Inter-site NetWorker data flow for active clients,
    including topology reports and evolution graphs.
  • : Added detection of NetWorker Management Console Savesets NMCASA:/ ().
    Require Networker Server 7.3 or higher.
  • : Added Snapshot Saveset Detection. Require NetWorker 7.1.x or higher ().
  • : Improved detection of  Micsofot Windows Volume Shadow copy Service (VSS) snapshots ().
  • : Added, in detailed saveset reports, Sumflags and SSflags references for easier SSid report tracking.
  • : Added, in detailed saveset reports, informative average aborted time for failed backup.
  • : Added, in detailed saveset reports, per SSID volume(s) availability icon ( all volumes online / 1 or more volumes offline)
    for easier volume(s) tracking when used volume(s) detail is disabled (NSR_REPORTER's "-fast" flag) or not.
  • : Added, in per client details, per saveset max files count for biggest full cycle, including per file average size.
  • : Added, per client and per saveset, list of incomplete and aborted save session(s) during queried period.
  • : Added, per client and per saveset, list of suspect save session(s) during queried period.
  • : Added, datazone-wide and detailed by client per backup level historized data load evolution,
    including tabular view for easier client data load comparaison.
  • : Added detection of backups taking more than 24 hours to complete
  • : Added per site and per storage node screenplay data load simulator
  • : Added detection of VMWare VCB Proxy Backup savesets "ALLVMFS" or "*FULL*" ().
    Require NetWorker 7.4.x or higher.
  • : Added detection of Networker Online Module for Microsoft Applications (saveset "APPLICATIONS:") ().
    Require NetWorker 7.4.x or higher.

What's new in Capacity Planning Reporting Area...

  • : Introduced new binary 'NSR_CLIENT_STORAGE_MONITOR' that will graph (using SNMP V1)
    per client discovered volume (total and used size). (See FAQ for setup)

What's new in ...

  • : Redesigned tree structure to allow console to be browsable to run using Netscape, Mozilla Firefox and
    Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers. Thanks to Warren Sturm, Canada, for reporting display problem
    using firefox and/or non Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers.
  • : Added quickjump shortcut bars for fast access to detailed & tabular client, group and pool, storage node & volume
    localisation status pages. Also include, under Reporting Utility Customizer sub-folder, show()/hide() left tree structure
    and show()/hide() quickjump bar options for maximizing report display size. (option not supported with Netscape browsers).
  • : Added storage node based inventory of savesets being handled by the storage node. This relies on first
    enty in per client's storage affinity entry. Some information may not always be 100% reliable, ex for clustered client
    or for clients saving to different storage nodes based on pool definitions, when storage node being used to write
    the backup is not the first one in the client's storage node affinity list.
    For clustered clients, system administrators may look at usage of "curphyhost" virtual storage node name.
    In addition, to avoid unexpected savestreams and unpredictable jukebox volume usage impacting provisioning,
    a client should never have more than 1 storage node and clone storage node affinity.
  • : Added Data Evolution Summary view of User defined and built-in group-by Active Client(s).
  • : Added tracking of volume pool change.
  • : Library inventory maps are now split per range of 250 slots, this to speed-up page loading
    and decrease browser memory usage when browsing big libraries and/or silo inventory maps.
  • : Including amount of recyclable volumes within per type and per pool media utilisation statistics
  • : Added email notification of critical/warning notification to user customizable recipient list. Refer to
    FAQ page to discover how to configure NetWorker Reporting Utility to work with your SMTP mail relay.
  • : Enhanced checkbox functionality in generated reports to now allow row high-lighting.
    Recover wizard now also supports row high-lighting for visual recovery progress evolution.
  • : Improved Today Check List by linking reported major events to corresponding report page.
  • : Improved Tree Structure, allowing exported collected information, as for troubleshooting than for external
    parsing to be available from reporter interface.
  • : Improved detection and reporting of nearline Read-Only Volumes (Medium Type).
  • : Added inventory of expired volumes.
  • : Added detection of early full-flagged volumes (Full with less than 30% used Default Volume Capacity).
  • : Added Avg volume read label operations for easier tracking of most active pools in tape exchange.
  • : Added "-nmc" parameter to NSR_REPORTER to allow integration and direct connect link to
    Networker Management Console. Format like "-NMC <host>:<port>[,<host>:port]" eg "-NMC localhost:9000"
  • : Added "-hideadmin" parameter to NSR_REPORTER to prevent reporting of datazone administrator rights.
    By default, datazone administrators are listed at server ressouce level and client level (Administrator, remote access, remote user).
  • : Added dynamic show/hide % Success KPI, Client and Client File Index Evolution Graphs from detailed active client report.
  • : Added "-help" parameter to different binaries to easier get list of available option.
  • : Old referenced backups started by a group that has been deleted in the meantime will now be handled as
    Client Initiated Backup (CI Backup), and, for history pruposes, old group name will still be referenced in
    per client detailed saveset reports.
  • : For easier access to frequently accessed global documents (such Networker documentation in electronic form for e.g.),
    you now can simply copy/link them under add-in directory and even organize them on a 1 level directory structure.
    Documents specific to a datazone may be pasted to data/{datazone}/add-in and will only visible for that datazone.
    All documents will be automatically integrated in folder tree structure and accessible by a single mouse-click !
  • : In addition of add-on for site specific external links (such for library web management, ....), you may now
    organize and register you frequently accessed documentation (such networker documentation) under a 1 level tree
    structure bellow folder bin\add-in. These documents will be accessible from Networker Reporter tree structure
    and available from any monitored datazone(s).
  • : Graph rendering now based on rrdtool in way of gnuplot.
  • : Added "-per_ss_monitor" parameter to NSR_REPORTER to render per saveset backup load evolution graphs
  • : Added "add-in" folder to store frequently accessed documentation and having them accessible from a
    single mouse click. Only documentation organized in 1 level sub-tree below "add-in" root folder to be taken
    into account.
  • : Added per day and per level data load evolution
  • : Added customizable world clock for company sites located at different timezone.(See FAQ for setup)

Known problem :

  • NSR_MONITOR may report incorrect session activity status when cloning is being processed, this
    when garbage from initial nsr_clone process is detected.
    After completion of first cloning session from clone session set (cloning process such "reading ... X of Y Gb"),
    NSR_MONITOR will resume normal detection.
  • Fixed problems :
    • Under certain circunstances, pool load evolution graph may not display correctly in Active pool load evolution
      report pages. Problem has been fixed.
    • Valid "Expired" "/" (root) savesets (sumflags with E) may be wrongly reported as invalid in way of recoverable,
      this being caused by Invalid status flag (ssflags with i ) status being overwritten.
      Thanks to Stefan Ettrich, ALIS Informationsmanagement GmbH, Duesseldorf, Germany, for bug report
      and fix testing.
    • NSR_DEVICE_MONITOR wrongly handles jukebox and device names containing special chars such
      '-' or ' ' in name, resulting  in dead link(s) under Device I/O rate subtree folder. It has been fixed.
      Thanks to Wolfgang Scholz, FJA, Germany.
    • Graphing Client File Index Object count and disk usage evolution may sometime wrongly generates warning
      messages "... Client <xxxxxxx> is not a registered client, cannot process CFI Load Evolution, skipping ...".
      The problem has been fixed. Thanks to Sander Visser, Sander, KPMG, The Netherlands.
    • Using rrdtool 1.2.x or higher may result in failure graphing device monitoring and generate error like:

      Wed Jul 13 11:43:33 2005   ... Graphing Datazone Total Session Evolution
      ERROR: Garbage ':43:32 2005.' after command:
      COMMENT:                Last Updated on Wed Jul 13 11:43:32 2005.

      This is caused by a new restriction, where Colons in COMMENT arguments to rrdtool graph cmds to now be
      escaped with a backslash, older rrdtool versions not understanding backslash. Problem has been fixed.
      Thanks to Alain Mamessier, Etudes et Productions SCHLUMBERGER,CLAMART, France.
22-jan-2005 4.0.6
  • : Added per device, per device type, per DDS-shared device, per storage node and per jukebox
    Session per Device and Device I/O Write Rate monitoring, including amount of active
    devices and per device I/O mode (reading or writing).
    Require NSR_DEVICE_MONITOR to be scheduled each 5 minutes.
    Refer to FAQ page for more information about setting-up device monitoring
    using Tobi Oetiker's RRD Tool utility. Thanks to Frank Tiels for original suggestion, and to
    Dave Gold, this feature being an enhanced port of original ksh scripts posted to openbackup.
  • : Added support of complete archive reporting, including annotation fields for faster archive retrieving.
    Only first line from Multi lines archive session's annotation will be kept. Enabled by default, this may take a while
    to complete for big datazone. Use -noarchive parameter to disable this feature.
  • : Added saveset-based recover wizard() to help administrator and/or operator to faster retrieve
    required volumes, required volume's location and SSID/CloneID for selectable instance of  per
    client's saveset valid backups.
  • : Added directive Configuration Summary.
  • : Increased NSR_MONITOR reporting by adding instant and average session write rate,
    backup progression (level, already written kb, estimated size and completion %). Remaining work list of
    in started savegroups also being listed.
  • : Added detection of per pool remaining Archive and Backup SSID(s), including oldest and latest cycles,
    issued from clients being now reported as inactive.
  • : Added evolution graph, ganttchart view and tabular overview support for user definable group-by client rules.
  • : Added Client File Index Size (disk size and used size) and Object Count Evolution Graphs.
  • : Added backup type customizable field in backup quality control.
  • : Added client inventory rules editor.
  • : Added Library type detection (Jukebox vs Silo).
  • : Reorganized tree structure for faster retrieval and page load.
  • : Added detection of non-expired in-use volumes with no referenced SSID. Require "-multiplex" option.
  • : Added savegroup remaining worklist, including processing of current save session
    and used device and library.
  • : Added, in per saveset details, Storage Node, Clone Storage Node and Library utilization.
    (this relies on first client storage node affinity and current used volume's location).
  • : Representation of Month now using Month name in way of Month number in date format.
  • : Added, in per saveset details, reporting of per SSID/CloneID's chunk size and type
    (Complete, Head, Middle or Tail) for each involved volumes.
  • : Added report of CloneID field in per saveset's client reports for easier recovers from Clone Volume.
  • : Affined datazone statistics by adding per storage node weekly client activity ranking and data load.
    This assumes first entry in client's storage node affinity as being the storage node being used.
  • : Added entry point for administrator to add his own entries in the tree structure.
    Refer to the faq.html page for getting instruction about how to do it.
  • Re-engineered volume location change to preserve change tracking even if volume is relabeled,
    new procedure relying only on barcode in way of relying on barcode and volume name.
  • Resumed support for "Sun StorEdge(TM) Enterprise Backup" and "Solstice Backup"
    NetWorker OEM Versions. Special thanks to Christer ÷dman, Exello, Sweden and
    to Mariusz Bogumi, Poland, in this achievement.
  • Re-engineered some in-memory structures and usage for Memory Usage Reduction.
  • Improved detection and reporting of nearline Read-Only Volumes.
  • Improved detection and reporting of volumes with volume name not matching barcode
    deposited in library configured for volume name to match barcode volume.
  • Firewall support : introduced "-noicmp" option to disable ICPM Ping tests at startup.
  • Introduced auto-export of some key information used in processing for out-side data
    processing. Information stored in ";" separated flat file, and located under directory
    data/<server being monitored>/export/
  • Renamed pool provisioning configuration file (to correct typo)
    from data/<server being monitored>/config/provisionning.txt
    to data/<server being monitored>/config/pool_provisioning.txt
  • Fixed problems
    • Having NetWorker Server being shutdown or communication drop
      during execution of NetWorker Reporting Utility may cause change management
      to wrongly report resources as deleted (Client, Group and/or pools).
      NetWorker Reporting Utility will now die once connection to backup server
      has been detected as lost, keeping coherency in change management.
    • Having or creating a pool called "index" may cause some generated reports to
      become corrupted or links to pool-related pages to have incorrect target location,
      some pool related index pages being wrongly overwritten of merged with information
      from the "index" pool. Problem has been fixed.
    • Having very long browse and retention policies may cause volume's volretent
      date to be reported as "NO DATE", causing NetWorker Reporting Utility
      to fail in processing volume's volretent value.
      Such tapes will now be considered as having "UNDEF" volume retention in reports.
      See also "known problem" section above in this document for date handling issue
      for dates after Jan 19 2038.
      Thanks to Koen Oprins, Source SA/NV, Kortenberg, BELGIUM, for bug report and fix testing.
    • Data graphed in per storage node load evolution is correct but the sort of
      graphed data is not, resulting in a graph not presenting correctly load evolution.
      Problem has been fixed.
    • Icon for running or aborted NDMP backups in tabular and client's active saveset list may not
      always be reported correctly. Problem has been fixed.
    • Jukebox provisioning reports for withdrawn and deposited volumes from and to the same
      library operations performed the same day may not be reporter properly. Statistics are not
      impacted by such an incorrect report.


24-july-2004 4.0.5
  • : Backup Quality Control (BQC) enhancements based on dynamic/static user-definable rules.
    Special big thanks to Laurent Boudet, Mobistar, Gosselies/Brussels, Belgium, for the major
    improvement request and for his kind joined engineering assistance.
    A per client list of filesystem/device not matching
    rules will also be generated, keeping easier the management of the rules.
    Disabled by default, Auto Discovery BQC has also be implemented.
    Require parameter "-auto_bqc_rules" to be turned on for Auto Discovery BQC feature.
    Refer to FAQ page for more details how to custom these rules with your environment.
  • : Added automatic active client details group-by by Category, Group, Location, NDMP Client,|
    Pool, Storage Node affinity (client's first storage node affinity entry)
  • : Added User-customisable "group by" active client status sub-tree. This feature allows user to
    group clients using user's own needs or site specific requirements.
    Thanks to Joop van der Peet, Pfizer, United Kingdom, for the very good suggestion.
    Refer to FAQ page for more details about customisation requirements.
  • : Added by date NetWorker Module for Online Backups activity gantt charts
  • : Added by storagenode NetWorker Module for Online Backups activity gantt charts
  • : Added by date comparative per client and per saveset activity gantt chart
  • : Added by date Per Client Category activity gantt chart
  • : Added by pool type data load evolution
  • : Added detection of backuped volumes without valid full backup level during specified query period.
  • : Introduced group-level daily amount of successful, failed and total backup sessions, % Success KPI
    tabular view.
  • : Introduced per group detailed daily amount of successful, failed and total backup sessions, % Success KPI
    in main per group detailed tabular view.
  • : Introduced NetWorker Module-level daily amount of successful, failed and total backup sessions, % Success KPI
    tabular view. (Hidden if no NetWorker module backups to be detected during queried period)
  • : Introduced per NDMP Client daily amount of successful, failed and total NDMP backup sessions and % Success
    tabular view. (Hidden if no NDMP save to be detected during queried period)
  • : Added per pool and per volume media record multiplexing overview. Requires "-multiplex" parameter
    to be turned on. Default is disabled.
  • : Added, in per client's list of active saveset sumarry, the date of the latest Full backup. Display a warning
    message when a full backup has not been found within the query time interval.
  • : Allowed user to "hide" Storage Node column from Group / Storage Node Tabular page, making page far
    more readable and easier to print.
  • : Added per jukebox detection of withdrawable volumes, including jukebox slot numbers.
  • : Introduced "today check list" page with detected major events, warning events and suggestions.
  • : Assuming first storage node in client's affinity being the active one, added per storage node load evolution graphs
  • : Server Configuration Summary (require NetWorker 7.1.x or higher).
  • : Usergroup Configuration Summary (require NetWorker 7.1.x or higher).
  • : Added detection of level full backups (and bigger than 100MB) with write rate <= 250KB/S.
  • : Added support of comment fields across NetWorker Resources (require NetWorker 7.1.x or higher).
  • : Added per Online NetWorker Module historized backup load evolution.
  • : Added clientid information and link to change management journal in per client's list of active
    savesets and tabular views.
  • : Improved client configuration file, allowing assigned system manager name and comment fields
    to be taken into account. Refer to FAQ page for more details about this customisation requirements.
  • : Added detection of per jukebox pool activity and amount of loaded volumes, allowing volumes from
    inactive pools to be withdrawn, reclaiming jukebox's slots and decreasing operator provisioning tasks.
    Allows definition of per library and per pool minimal amount of usable (appendable or recyclable) volumes
    to be present. Refer to FAQ page for more details about customisations.
  • Introduced FAQ help page.
  • Security enhancement :
    • Password field has been hidden in Client Configuration Summary report for MS-SQL clients using
      nsrsqlsv.exe as backup command to backup Microsoft SQL database(s).
      Thanks to Peter Turner, Fort HealthCare, USA, for the suggestion.
  • Fixed problems :
    • Under Active Client Detail folder, active group sub-folders containing space (' ') or dash ('-')
      in the group name could not be expanded. Problem has been fixed.
      Thanks to Neil Atkins, Synstar International, United Kingdom.
    • Fixed sort performance problem in Backup Quality Control Rules Editor.
    • Fixed NetWorker Reporter crash when processing group names containing special chars such as ":".
      Thanks to Dave Gold, Cambridge Computer Services
    • Fixed NetWorker Reporter crash when handling date after 19/Jan/2038. A warning message
      will be displayed regarding date problem. Problem is caused by date being stored using
      32 bits integer, independently of how NetWorker Reporter is handling dates.
17-february-2004 4.0.4
  • : Added per jukebox load evolution graphs(), per jukebox and per pool based volume
    capacity trend and actual jukebox loading() on a side, next day, next 2 days and next week
    volume usage forecasting(), including suggested operator volume provisioning(), on another;
    customizable -fi flag allowing administrator to influence on forecasted load by provisioning more
    volumes than expected. Default forecast increase factor being 25%.
    Summarized on the one side, quickly checking between expectation and current jukebox loading
    and detailed on the other one per jukebox, including last 5 weeks per pool, per type, per date and per client details
  • : Added detection of client, group and pool's most important configuration item change to build
    automatic client, group and pool based change management and event journaling ().
    Are being monitored :
    • Client configuration change of Browse and Retention policies, Schedule, Directive,
      Saveset list, Remote User and Remote Access, Aliases, Groups, Storage Node and Clone
      Storage Node Affinity (affinity and selection order).
    • Group configuration change of Auto-start state, Auto-start Time, Client retries,
      Auto-Cloning after backup finished, Cloning Pool, Migration Pool
    • Pool configuration change of Pool type, Volume label template, Auto Media Verification
      Recycle to and from other pools, Selection criteria (Group, Client, Filesystem, Level, Device)
  • : Added configuration reporting for NetWorker Clients, Groups, Label Templates, Notifications,
    Pools, Retention Policies and Schedules.
  • : Added support for customizable category of clients (Production, Test, Development, Acceptance
    and Learning/training) and location. After first run, a file client_config.txt will be created in data\{server}\config sub-dir
    allowing administrator to customize the category the clients are belonging to by using "P" for Production, "T" for Test,
    "D" for Dev, "A" for acceptance and "L" for Learning-Training and the location the client resides, allowing
    the generation of per location load evolution graphs.
    Respect the format "<client>;<type>;<Location>;" . Any invalid lines will be drop. Do not use the ";"
    within type and location fields. By default, any new detected client will have Production for default category and
    Local as location. Per "category", per location and per location - per category data load evolution graphs will be
    generated under graph sub-folder. Active clients will also grouped by category() in Active Client Details tree and,
    for easier retrieval (), per name, per category and per location active client look-up pages() will be included.
  • : Added backup quality control() allowing customer to write, using built-in rules editor (),
    backup validation rules that met their business by grouping validation status of different backups.
    Allowing to group rules by customizable environment name and category (type and name), backup quality control
    supports different source and backuping clients (like using lan free backups based on cloned disks such as
    EMC BCV technology or any equivalent ones do, when backup I/O are performed from a production-cloned
    disk(s) group and by a different host the production is running on.) and handles detection and validation of per saveset,
    multiple copies and daily required level check. Follow instruction from rules editor page to generate backup
    quality control rules.
  • : Added extended jukebox configuration attribute reporting (timeouts, auto media management, read host, ....).
  • : Added colored load overview in per storage node gantt charts : Green for less than 25% of incoming savestreams(32),
    Yellow for 25%-50%, Orange for 50%-75% and Red for above. A tolerance has to be taken into account, the amount
    of reported started sessions is during an interval of 10 minutes. So, small sessions may trend to increase the storage node load.
  • : Added colored backup server load overview : Green for less than 25% of max server parallelism,
    Yellow for 25%-50%, Orange for 50%-75% and Red for above. A tolerance has to be taken into account, the amount
    of reported started sessions is during an interval of 10 minutes. So, small sessions may trend to increase the backup server load.
  • : Added client/storage node and group/storage node gantt charts to visualize impact of a client or group on the datazone
    backuping elements. Avoiding the charts to be too big and depending of the queried period, only the activity of up to15
    latest backup days will be represented.
  • : Added DNS() lookup and reverse verification of each Client's alias. Can be disabled using "-nodns" option.
  • : Added Fast backup retriever(), to retrieve on just a mouse click, per active client, backuped volumes and
    per backuped volume, backuping hosts.
  • : Added jukebox based daily operator intervention evolution including list of withdrawn and deposited
    volumes within the last 15 jukebox provisioning operations. To keep it as precise as possible, the reporter
    must be launched at least once a day.
  • : Added per Jukebox volume inventory and cross-check between Media DB and Inventory for
    ghost volumes (Mismatch between per volume MediaDB's location field and known Jukebox inventory).
  • : Added volume location tracking and history of volume location changes, including daily
    volume location change summary and per volume location tracking.
  • : Added date of  last volume location change in inventory tables.
  • : Added Per Media type load evolution graphs.
  • : Added active clients classification per location, per group and per category.
  • : Added visual reporting of software-based read-only volumes() and writable volumes().
  • : Added "go back to previous page"() link to make surfing thru generated reports and multi-level
    reports far more easier
  • : Tee'ed last Legato NetWorker Reporting utility session log output for http-based gathering/processing monitoring.
  • : Added per group backuped data load evolution graphs.
    Thanks to Thomas Mattsson, SCA HYGIENE PRODUCTS AB, Sweden, for the good enhancement suggestion.
  • : Added FTP Links to known mirror location serving up-to-date kits.
    Thanks to Thomas Mattsson, SCA HYGIENE PRODUCTS AB, Sweden, for the good idea.
  • : Added customizable thousands separator (. or ,) using "-ts <. or ,>" option, default being dot (".").
    Thanks to Jack Lyons, The Martin Agency, USA, for the good enhancement suggestion, making the tool
    more adapted to specific regional settings.
  • : New supported platform to run the NetWorker Reporting Utility from : IBM AIX.
    Thanks to Jim McAlarney, Huber Engineered Materials, Atlanta, GA, USA, for this assistance testing the
    updated code.
  • Fixed problems:
    • In some cases, some graphs could not be generated properly if running NetWorker reporting utility
      from an HP-UX system.
    • In Tabular view, KPI and Stats summary may be left-shifted. The problem is caused by missing cell info
      for any days with all of the backuped volumes or clients failed.
    • In some case, volume usage per pool and per type doesn't always match, a volume being counted twice.
      Problem has been fixed.
    • Novel NetWareOS Clients were not summarized correctly in Active Client OS and NSR Version page.
      Thanks to Dan Szkola, Northern Illinois University, USA.
    • In some cases, nsr_monitor overwrites detected Operating System and customized variables, resulting in
      Windows-style path to be used in way of Unix one for Unix-based stations the reporter is running from.
      Thanks to Mike Andrewjeski, Greenpoint Financial for reporting the problem.
  • Known limitation :
    • Using a NetWorker Client 7.1 to monitor 6.x server can cause aborted (due to media verification failure, for e.g.)
      savesets to have sumflags and fragflags incorrectly reported. NetWorker reporting utility will detect and report such
      inconsistent state as unknown (and invalid) state. Refer to Legato Support for "split saveset's show wrong mminfo flags in 7.x'".
    • Some reports of reporter crash caused by gnuplot missing library. Most of the case, it was for Sun Solaris OS
      where the shared library "libpng" was not in the path or missing on the system. Reporting Utility generates graphs in
      PNG format. If you met the problem, install required lib until you to have gnuplot working properly for your OS.
      You can verify gnuplot tfo work properly by calling, like NetWorker reporter does, gnuplot like :
      gnuplot> set terminal png small color";
      gnuplot> cd c:\temp   (or gnuplot> cd /tmp)
      gnuplot> set size 1.20,0.5
      gnuplot> set output test.png
      gnuplot> plot cos(x)
      If the problem persists, you can always skip graph generation by removing "-graph" option from the command line.


06-octobre-2003 4.0.3
  • : Added client based list of Administrator, Remote User and Remote Access User Settings*** ().
    *** Require the "-cfg" option to be enabled.
  • : Added Client File Index Statistics*** ().
  • : Added Frame Printing support for easier report printing ().
  • : Added detection of Microsoft Windows XP's ASR (Automated System Recovery) and Microsoft Windows 2003's
    VSS (Volume Shadow copy Service) Savesets for properly licensed servers.
  • Re-engineered some in-memory structures and usage for Memory Usage Reduction.
  • Fixed problems:
    • Daily view graph from "per jukebox per pool and per type" details does not graph all historized data.
    • In some case, active sessions were not reported properly in realtime activity monitor.
02-octobre-2003 4.0.2
  • : Added sortable weekly ranking,  most active in volume and in sessions client statistics ()
  • : Added sortable monthly amount of archive and backup sessions, including total data size, weekly and daily averages().
  • : Introduced realtime agent (NSR_MONITOR) to gather in realtime Session I/O Rate of active session*().
    *Require NSR_MONITOR to be started as daemon and -monitor option to be added to NSR_REPORTER cmd.
  • : Added Jukebox detailled configuration** (), Device configuration** () and Device/Libray
    Sharing details** (), Restricted device per pool** ().  ** Require the "-cfg" option to be enabled.
  • : Added Full and Incremental (including level 0-9 and incr) Average Speed (in KBytes/Sec).
  • : Added, per client, per  filesystem, size of the bigest backup.
  • : Added "-fast" flag to disable extended SSID reporting such as volume barcode, volume name, current volume
    location of tapes used to store the SSID. By default, details of all tapes used to store a SSID will be displayed. 
  • : Added amount of master() and clone() copies of archived and backuped savesets, making easier reporting of
    what's being cloned or not. Pictured master saveset copy() and cloned one() for faster retrieval.
  • : Added summary of backup(s) that need special attention() ( %Success bellow acceptable limit customizable  by -a flag).
  • : Added jukebox based historized load evolution per client, per media type of active pools ().
  • : Added detection of volumes not in match barcode loaded into jukeboxes that have been configured for
    volume name matching barcode () and relaying alert in per location inventory pages.
  • : Added detection of  media being loaded into different locations ().
  • : Added detection of unsupported barcode characters().
  • Improved detection of volume(s) than have been removed from MediaDB(), rebarcoded() or relabeled(), including
    new volume name and old volume information for better volume tracking.
  • Added support for NetWorker 7.1 Server
  • Fixed problems:
    • Incorrect NetWorker 7.x support statement in help page.
    • Broken pool description link in per location volume inventory pages.
    • Broken pool inventory per location link in bootstrap page.
    • Broken Group link into Client Summary page.
    • Fixed random incorrect date processing for day and/or month reported on only 1 digit. Problem introduced
      by fix V3.0.9P1, but never reported, causing program to die with "Can't handle date" error message.
      Thanks to Bart Renty, (pmCpq)HP Brussels, Belgium for reporting the problem and testing fix.
    • Fixed fatal abort caused by volume having an undefined volume access time.
      Thanks to Alex Tiong, Computer Facility Management Unit, Brisbane, Australia.
13-July-2003 4.0.1
  • : Introduced NetWorker Module reporting in Server Statistics sub-folder.
  • : Introduced amount of time a volume has been recycled.
  • : Added Clone pool () and primary -not clone- pool () icons for easier reporting.
  • : Added support for 12-hours / 24-hours time format.
         Thanks to Frank Tiels, Bridgestone, Belgium, for reporting problem and testing fix.
  • : Added detection of relabeled volumes (same barcode but with a different name), including easy
    retrieving of previous volume stats (amount of mounts, amount of time the volume has been
    recycled including previous label and new relabelling time).
    Per calendar day and per barcode views.
  • Fixed problems:
    • Fixed minor display problem in Client evolution graph not influencing graphed data.
01-July-2003 4.0.0
  • Introduced Dynamic tree in frames (MS Internet Explorer 5+ only)
  • : Yearly view (last 400 days) of client and datazone based archived / backuped data size evolution.
  • : Day of Week support in reported dates.
  • : Gathering of installed licenses () for easier license management and archiving.
  • : Detection of un-barcoded () and duplicate-barcoded () volumes.
  • : Monthly Statistics of First Time Volume Initialization.
  • : Pool and location based Volume inventories.
  • : Pool and Volume type based estimation of recyclable volumes ().
  • : Added gathering of Pool Type informations (archive, backup, archive clone, backup clone, ...).
         Thanks to Thierry Londot, Mobistar, Belgium, for the useful suggestion.
  • : Bootstrap Summary for Disaster Recovery purposes ().
  • : Summary of current activity at processing time ().
  • : Automatic detection and icon based representation of
    • Networker Modules for Informix (), MS-Exchange (), MS-SQL (),
      MS-SharePoint Portal (), Lotus Notes (), Oracle Recovery Manager
      only for RMAN stream names starting with <Host>_<SID> (),
      SAP (), Sybase ()
    • OS specific savesets : MS Windows Registry and System State/DB/Files (),
      MS Windows Repairdisk ()
    • Legato NetWorker bootstrap () and client file indexes ()
  • : Sortable tables and table column highlighting for easier use (MS Internet Explorer 5+ only)
  • : Summary of backup configuration of Active clients.
  • Improved Client cloning activity (On : / Off : ) and time the clone has been performed.
  • Improved Archive activity (On : / Off : ), including Data zone level and Client based
    Archive vs Backup load graphs, and archive annotations.
  • Improved Media Type Reporting for Tape (), File Devices () and Adv_File Devices().
         Thanks to Ernest Bokkelkamp, Siemens, Germany, for the enhancement suggestion..
08-Apr-2003 3.0.10
  • : Added Support for NetWorker V7.0
  • : Support for Daylight Saving Time.
  • : Added Pool Utilisation graphs.
  • Dynamic Client/Date, Per Saveset Client/Date, Group/Date and Storage Node/Date Gantt Charts()
  • Better handling of "nsradmin" calls and returned errors
  • Introduced datazone-level daily amount of successful, failed and total backup sessions, % Success KPI,
    in main tabular view. Extended the feature to per client tabular view.
         Thanks to Ilkka Hamalainen, HP Finland, for the good suggestion.
  • : Dynamic matrix of savegroup activity per storage node, including client's storage node affinity
    and used pools.
  • Optimized HTML Code for disk space reduction.
  • Fixed bugs :
    • Corrected tabular view problem where a SSID could be counted twice or more.
    • Volume retention dates not always handled using specified date format  (-D option)
           Thanks to Eddy Scholdis, (pmCpq)HP Brussels, Belgium
    • Inventory of jukebox(es) locally attached to the server may not be processed properly.
           Thanks to Eddy Scholdis, (pmCpq)HP Brussels, Belgium
    • In tabular views, backup were based on GMT Time zone in way of the current timezone
           Thanks to Eddy Scholdis, (pmCpq)HP Brussels, Belgium
13-Mar-2003 3.0.9-P2
  • Auto-converting on 2 digits Hour, Min and Sec formatted on 1 digit.
         Thanks to Eddy Scholdis, (pmCpq)HP Brussels, Belgium
10-Mar-2003 3.0.9-P1
  • Adding support for non MM/DD/YY date format (-D option)
         Thanks to Johnny G Wieland, HP BirkerÝd, Denmark