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History of Indonesia
Earliest Historical Records Soekarno
1945: Japanese surrender
1955 : Indonesian Parliament
1965: Suharto takes power
Habibie swears in
Indonesian Hinduism
Hindu religious concepts
Indonesian religious concepts
The Malay kingdom of Shrivijaya Palembang
Buddhism in Palembang
The maritime influence
Central Java 8th - 10th century
Eastern Java and the archipelago from 1019 to 1292
Government and politics
The empire of Kertanagara
The Majapahit Era
Islamic influence in Indonesia
Muslim kingdoms of Northern Sumatra
Muslims in Java
Growth of the Dutch Empire
Dutch East India Company (VOC)
The French and British in Java 1806 - 1815
Dutch rule from 1815 to 1920
The Cultivation System
Dutch Territorial Expansion
The Ethical Policy
Toward independence
The rise of nationalism
Japanese occupation
The revolution
Independent Indonesia to 1965
The years of constitutional democracy
Introduction of Guided Democracy
Sukarno's policies
Indonesia from 1965 to 1998
Suharto's new order
Economic development
Changes in Indonesian society
Political developments
International Relations
Schematic Time Tables
Neolithicum - 1400
1500 - 1800