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Central Java - Off the beaten track...
In the wide triangle of Yogyakarta, Solo and Semarang (JOGLOSEMAR) you will find many places that are worth visiting.

The ruins mysterious castle of Ratu Boko are situated on a hill opposite the Prambanan temple complex. Get off the main road across the street from Prambanan and take the road behind the bus station. This will lead you uphill to the Keraton Ratu Boko.
A few years ago people were still living between the ruins. Now the complex has been protected. Much is still unknown about the Sultan Ratu Boko and there are wild stories about man-eating ceremonies. Although most of the keraton has been destroyed, one can easily see this Sultan's court must have been of equal splendour than those of Yogyakarta and Solo.
From this hill you get a magnificent view of Merapi and Merbabu mountains and the Loro Jonggrang down in the valley. Not to be missed !
ratuboko1.jpg (19317 bytes)
Keraton Ratu Boko

If you are interested in the Hindu culture of the 8th to 10th century, you might have visited the Dieng Plateau. Of equal beauty and situated in Bandungan at 1.100 m you certainly should consider a trip to Gedung Songgo. On the road from Salatiga to Semarang get off in Ambarawa and drive to Bandungan. From this mountain resort it's another 5 km uphill to the Gedong Songgo temples. Nine temples are scattered around the slopes, connected with a good stone path. Beautiful views of Merbabu and Lake Rawapening. Nice place for a picnic !

songo01.jpg (10357 bytes)
Gedung Songgo

Getting tired with all these Mosques, Hindu and Buddhist temples ?  Consider a trip to Sedang Sono, situated in the mountains behind Borobudur. In May catholics from all over Indonesia come together to pray for the statue of the Holy Virgin Mary at Sedang Sono. Even if your not catholic, the beautiful surroundings and nice cool mountain air make worth a visit...if you can find it....

When the sultan Hamengku Buwono I of Yogyakarta wanted to get away from his many wives and servants, he took an underground tunnel to emerge 16 km further in Parangtritis where he would pray to Ratu Kidul 'Queen of the Southsea'.
Parangtritis is a place of myths, mystique and meditation. The palace of Ratu Kidul was believed to be situated under the sea. According to a legend, Panambahan Senopati stayed in the underwater palace for 3 days and nights. The irresistable godess became his wife and gave supernatural powers to the rulers of Yogya and Solo. In Parangkusumo the Senopati appeared from the sea again. Until now, the sultan of Yogyakarta will bring ceremonial offerings to Ratu Kidul.
Be aware of the strong undercurrent in these waters, so keep close to the beach. Even better is not to swim here at all. Many have been 'taken' away to Ratu Kiduls palace and never returned....

parang_01.jpg (7472 bytes)
Parangtritis beach and mountains

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