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Spam, spam, spam. Every day our mailbox gets flooded with spam: porn, mortgage rates, porn, phone rates, porn, dubious investments, porn, gambling, porn, weight-loss, porn and more porn. These mail-sending wormy low-lifes 'steal' e-mail adresses from your site, from your computer, from newsposts, etc...
We hate spam so much that we decided not to put our email-adress on the site any more. All correspondence to Network Indonesia can be done by filling in the feedback form.

We want to protect you too, so our privacy policy is strict:
- we don't store your data in a database or other archiving-system.
- the form-results of submits you sent us through the Feedback-form are kept in our mailing-system and automatically removed after 2 months.
- we never give data you submitted to third parties for commercial or other reasons.

We hope you understand and join us in our fight against spam.