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About Network Indonesia

Network Indonesia started as the personal homepage of Jon Pauwels in 1995 and just kept growing. Originally, the site was located at Globe, but we had such a limited server-space that we were forced to move to Skynet.

In 1998 we met Dirk Oeghoede, an Indonesian artists who lived and worked in Antwerp at that time. Together we set up a virtual art gallery for Indonesian Contemporary Art. We are very proud about this project, because it is the only serious attempt to give information about Indonesian Modern Art on the internet. Other, related sites, usually focus on traditional Indonesian Arts like court dance, batik, wayang or gamelan.

Network Indonesia is still just a personal homepage, but we are going strong and have a steadily growing amount of visitors who send lots of feedback.

Jon at Gunung Bromo
Jon at Gunung Bromo