This web is nothing special, as Lynyrd Skynyrd said: Be a Simple Man!

Thanks for visiting my site!

I really don't know, how to enrich the world with my web. I think there are already so many items covered on the web, from "how to smoke or stop smoking a cigarette" till creating your own atom bomb.

The most successful, or should I say "Hot Items" are still, sex, music and games, I think in that order.

However, hot news is "global warming" and all the money they can make on this issue.  Here we don't bother, if we have dirty air, we just buy some from our neighbor country, that's why we pay our  environment taxes.

The Internet is a uncontrollable thing, unfortunate some abuse occurs. I think child abuse and discriminatory are the worst. Spam and viruses the most annoying. I'm running more processes for anti virus and anti spyware then for the OS these days.

That's all for now folks!

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