perche tir du roi

Here : you can see how the pole is beeing risen. The bird is placed in a basket on a mast, which is 27.5 m high.


The shooting king

Every year a competition is scheduled in each archer’s association to elect the shooting king.

One bird alone is placed very high on the mast.

The first archer who is able to knock the bird off the perch is king for one year. If more than one archer is able to do so in the same game/turn, a new turn takes place to select the best shooter. The participants are only the archers who shot the bird in the first turn.The king is the archer who wins the competition when there is no other competitor left.

All the kings of the federation can enter another competition called « the shooting emperor », whose rules are similar to the first one. The pictures you can see above were taken during the 2011 emperor shooting in Eernegem (Belgium).

Her are the « kings » of Rixensart (the king holds the bird in his hands)


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