Anticosti, with its 7923 square kilometers, (222 kilometers long by 45 kilometers wide), is a geological wonder, an exceptional wildlife habitat and a pristine natural paradise. The 178 inhabitants share the island with approximately 120,000 white tailed deer, seals, whales and wild birds....

Thanks in large part to its huge deer population, Anticosti Island has acquired an international reputation for its wildlife. A wide variety of birdlife and other land and marine animals share island habitats with the deer.

Whether you wish to hunt white-tailed deer, to fish Atlantic salmon, or simply enjoy a summer getaway, we invite you to come drink in the astounding beauty of this lost paradise.

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Port-Menier Founded by a French multi-millionaire, Henri Menier, who made his fortune selling chocolates, this island capitol is a quaint little village with many brightly painted houses. At the Villa Menier, you can easily spend an entire day visiting the interpretation center with its nature displays and its historical information about the Villa itself..
The Carleton Lighthouse

On the road to Vauréal Falls and the Grotte à la patate is the Carleton Lighthouse. Perched high on a fossilized cliff, this is the perfect vantage point for whale watching.


Vauréal Falls

Take a walk through the canyon, along the river bed until you reach the falls. There you can take a dip in the water if you have the courage to do so or you can just admire this impressive site.


Maritime Wreckage Here you will have the opportunity to observe some of the more than 400 sailing vessels lost at sea over the years. You will see scattered remnants all along this island coast…..


La baie de la Tour

(Tower Bay)

An exceptional sight : turquoise ocean waves roaring below the gigantic black cliffs-a breathtaking Carabean green under a northern sky.


La grotte à la patate

(Potato Cave)

If you would like to explore one of the largest known caves in the Province of Québec you can rent the necessary equipment for this visit at the Sepaq located at the Carleton Lighthouse.…the Canyon Chicotte (Chicotte Canyon), la rivière Jupiter (Jupiter River), la baie Renard (Renard Bay), la Pointe Heath (Heath Point)…