BUFFLE - Stratocastor - C20
minijack 006 - 50 copies - SOLD OUT

Buffle first release ! This tape is a compilation of improvised stuff recorded during 2002 and 2003. Expect pop improvisation and happy noise, flutes, guitars, homemade drums and feedback.

Founded some years ago by four people now playing as Benjamin Franklin, Saule, Champion and also active in other bands like Géographique and R.O.T., Buffle plays acoustic instruments, electronics, (un)amplified toys and broken stuff. Other releases will follow soon.

free broken mike (mp3)
flutism (mp3)



minijack 005 - MONDIAL 

Does not fit in your video-player. This one was recorded by Béton, Thunderdom and Saule during the summer of 2002. Disappointed lyrics plus casio background. No fun.  

20 copies 



minijack 004 - SOR 2

Killer tune. Hommage to Streets of Rage 2. Special bonus is a mysterious txt file including a mysterious list of mysterious names.   

50 copies
minijack 003 - WEILAND - Pastorale

Lovely track by the artist also known as Ovil Bianca (two albums on Kraak). Mystic pop, medieval artwork.

50 copies
minijack 002 - BENJAMIN FRANKLIN - Join, or Die 

By the master himself. Preceding his first full cd-r on Snapshots records, this beautiful track is BFKN very first release. Guitar, not casio.

50 copies
minijack 001 - X X X - Fraise

An ode to strawberry milk. An ode to floppy. An ode to Georges Papy. Anonymous track. 

50 copies
tape : 3 euro 
floppy : 1.5 euro 

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