ane(c)dote - black flatbed print on canvas - 150 x 240 cm, 2009

For this project, Mira Sanders explores the city of Charleroi wandering along different roads and meeting with the inhabitants. During those meetings and explorations, Mira Sanders films, listens, records, draws, takes notes... With this miscellaneous input she then produces, 'paintings', i.e. mnemonic drawings which are scaled and exhibited in the window of Incise. Entitled Ane(c)dote, this exhibition will develop through time. The drawings will regularly be replaced.
Nourished by the sensory experience related to places and personal (and sometimes lonely) readings, Mira Sanders recomposes the territory. The result is a series of new maps of the city, capable of disturbing our memory and our imagination. They draw attention to abandoned or vanished sites, and thus revisit or re-invent this well-known, or unknown, city.
Through fragments of the city, or evidence of it, the artist offers the 'spectator/traveler' the possibility to take a walk in an infinite landscape, to rest, to lose himself and finally to find himself again, endowed with a fresh look on his surroundings. Allowing our eyes to follow in the footsteps of Mira Sanders, is taking the risk of questioning our own mechanisms of perception.

Marie-Noëlle Dailly et Benoît Dusart, 2009
Excerpts of the pressrelease ANE(C)DOTE. Translated from French

9 x prints

Production with the support of the Flemish community

06.04. - 30.06.2009
Solo exhibition at INCISE espace d'exposition, Charleroi, Belgium