Release Candidate 4: HTML Validator 0.839

Due to the huge number of changes and due to some small problems left, the version 0.8x of HTML Validator will be first distributed as a beta. The goal is to get feedback, bug report and mostly help to improve the help of the new algorithm SGML.


Windows version (only one for now)
0.839 (rc4) Download HTML Validator for Windows
Linux 32 bits
0.839 (rc4)
Download HTML Validator for Linux 32bits
Source code (2007-03-06)
0.839 (rc4) Download the source code

The extension XPI is now 2.0 Mb big ... Like told before the SGML parser is quite complex :-) But seems to work really well. The validation for the biggest pages I saw are below the 1/100 sec for both algorithms.


The new version adds the following new features:
  • validation with a different algorithm, a SGML parser (OpenSP). It is the same algorithm program than the one running on The validation is done based on the DTD definition of HTML. The screenshots below let you compare the result of the next version of the extension and the real validator of W3c. They are just the same.
  • The help is written in a Wiki web side called Htmlpedia and synchronized at bundle time.  If you are interested to improve the help, please do, in the next version it will be bundle with the extension !
  • validation of  HTML pages after Javascript or Ajax execution
  • the warning/errors pane is divided by columns that can be sorted by line/colum, message type, and so on
  • line numbers next to the lines of code
  • the number of errors is shown at the top and not at the bottom anymore
  • a new XHTML help (thanks to Ansgar)
  • if your page contains no error, there are a new logos of this extension that you can add to your site.
    No HTML Tidy Error :  Validated by HTML Validator (based on Tidy) or  Validated by HTML Validator (based on Tidy)      
    No HTML Tidy and no SGML error:  Validated by HTML Validator (based on Tidy) or  Validated by HTML Validator (based on Tidy)
  • ...
I just created a mailing list to archive the questions and answer about the extension:
The SGML Parser is compiled and bundled in a XPI file just like Tidy in older version. You should have just to install the XPI to get it working. Then go to the options and choose algorithm "SGML Parser". Happy validation !!!


Screenshot 1: Html Validator 

Notice the Validation after JavaScript execution. And the different icons depending of the algorithm used.


Screenshot 2: Html Validator (validation by Tidy)


Screenshot 3: Html Validator (validation by SGML Parser)


Screenshot 4/5: The same page validated by (compare the errors with screenshot 3)

w3 1

w3 2