17/9/2006 - CACIB ZWOLLE (NL): A first ticket CAC in Holland for Chickadee off McBirdy!

After Rotterdam, Chickadee also obtained one 1st Exc in open class at  Zwolle Show, under the judge Mr. Thorn (U.K.).
But this time, she obtains the res. CACIB/CAC. And like the best bitch: Vicary' S Banshee is already Nederland Champion, Chickadee will be able to recover its CAC.

A great cheer with Charlotte for her perfect handling. 

CACIB Vicary's Banshee                                  Res. CACIB Chickadee of McBirdy

13-15/9/2006 - First Field-Trial training for our Babies & Juniors

This 13/9 we started the training on fields began the drives on ruails with Elwenn and Eylinn off McBirdy (8 months). Both showed beautiful provisions. Eylinn impressed us with a splendid stop on a ruail dissimulated well in the vegetation. It was also for Philippe Varemans, the owner of Eylinn, the discovery of the world of Field-Trial, and probably a new passion, with the harmony and team work with our friends Raymond and Chris Laurencin, organizers of the Belgian Club of Directs of Weimar.
15/9 it was with the turn of Frisbee & Fletcher (4 months). And there too, they impressed us. They have both very good noses, stops marked already well and are very attracted by the game (ruails).
Cheyenn A seems it transmitted well its qualities of chasseuse.

The changing is thus ensured at McBirdy. 

4/6/2006 - CACIB SAARBRUCKEN (D) – Two CC for one shot ! DUNDEE : Best Dog and Best of Breed,  CHICKADEE: Best Bitch.

One exceptional day for us: two of our dogs obtain the C.C. in an international show: Dundee of McBirdy : C.C. then BOB / Chickadee of McBirdy:  C.C.
Competition was however important (35 registered dogs). Swiss judge, Mrs. Béatrice Bauer, found
Dundee and Chickadee very elegant and sporting.
Obviously, the application of the new standard is specified more and more. After
France , the dogs were been measured by the judge in Germany (also used in Dortmund ). 
Our policy of breeding consisting in following the way traced by the new standard modified by
Ireland bears its fruits, gently but surely. 
Dortmund where Chickadee and Cheyenn had been already distinguished, it is thus an important confirmation for Chickadee which will be VDH Champion after the withdrawal period one year imposed between the first and last ticket VDH. Cheyenn is also in this case.
As for
Dundee , for a first show in Germany , it carries out a master stroke: CACIB and BOB at 20 months old. It showed the interest of some breeders and which knows, it will be asked soon like stud-dog.


20/5/2006 - CAC Wieze (B) - Juge: T. Leenen (B)
Pretty May continues for Chickadee: after having obtained one 1st EXC in open class, she obtains the res. C.C. in Wieze (B). A great cheer with Charlotte for this series of success!


14/5/2006 - Chickadee of McBirdy confirms in Holland - CAC Echt (NL) 
For her second show in Holland, Chickadee obtains one again 2nd EXC in open class, but obtains then the res. CC.
As for Sumaric Shadow off Mr. Jingles, the dad of the future pups of Cheyenn of McBirdy, he obtains the CC (Best dog). Our congratulations with Aleksandra and Willem for this first CC in Holland. 

7/5 - Europasieger Dortmund - Judge: Mrs. Dressig
Perfect right and left for McBirdy. Cheyenn obtains one 1 Exc in working class and 2 tickets VDH.  It is then Chickadee to also obtain one 1 Exc in open class with also 2 tickets VDH (double ration in Dortmund). But Chickadee does not stop after such a good start: she obtains then the CACIB and the Europasieger title.
It was a great moment to share with Charlotte. Those successes enable us to consider the next titles of VDH champions for Cheyenn and Chickadee.

CACIB Luxembourg: Judge: Mrs. Mr. Kips (L) - a good shooting grouped for McBirdy!
3 dogs presented: two 1st EXC (CACL) - one 2nd EXC (res. CACL)
DUNDEE OF MCBIRDY       intermediate dogs class       1 EXC - CACL
CHEYENN OF MCBIRDY     working class bitches           1 EXC - CACL
CHICKADEE OF MCBIRDY  open class bitches               2 EXC - res. CACL


19/3/2006 - CACIB GOES (NL) - Judge: Mr. Leenens (B)
First show in Holland for Chickadee of McBirdy, and again one 2nd place. Fortunately, the report of the judge shows the possibility for very good prespectives for Chickadee . One will thus return there!

Ermès and Eelwenn of McBirdy took their first lesson on the grounds of the canine education center 'VIVRE AVEC EUX' in Courcelles. They are really at ease with all the other dogs and all the people met. It was obviously the attraction of the day and everyone wanted to cherish these splendid pups. Soon, several other brothers and sisters will come to join them to attend the lessons. 



27/1/2006 - First C.C. for Chickadee of McBirdy - Mouscron (B)
Clamorus beginning of year for Chickadee. Under Mrs judge. Butrimova (Lith), Chickadee obtains one 1 Exc in open class for then obtain the CAC/CACIB. The BOB nomination was very undecided, but finally the male carried it (CH. Vicary' S Adventure)
Charlotte and Chickadee were quite proud of this splendid result.
Dicey and Dundee have both obtained one 3rd Exc in the intermediate class. 


15/1/2006 -  First ticket VDH for Chickadee of McBirdy
This 15/1/06, Chickadee and Charlotte accompanied us in Essen (D) in order to take part in their first show in Germany. And it was a success since after having obtained a 1 EXC in the open class, Chickadee obtained reserve CAC, with a very good report from the judge  Mrs. S Behnken (D)
Her half-sisters Dicey Dovey of McBirdy (intermediate class) and Cheyenne of McBirdy (working class) had less chance and have been both classified 2nd EXC.



11/12/2005 - Clubmatch RESC Tienen (B)

Again a good day for McBirdy: 5 dogs presented: 3 first places and 2 second places, and a very well confirmation of the qualities of Dundee of McBirdy.

Dicey Dovey of McBirdy Bitches Junior class 1 Exc
Chickadee of McBirdy Bitches open class 2 Exc
Cheyenn  of McBirdy Bitches working class 1 Exc
Dundee of McBirdy Dogs junior class 1 Exc - Best Junior Irish Setter
Buzz of McBirdy Dogs open class 2 Exc

Dundee of McBirdy

20/11/2005 - Kortrijk Show (B) - Juge: Mr. Adonelfi (I)
Dundee of McBirdy          Junior dogs classs              1st   Exc
Dicey Dovey of McBirdy   Junior bitches class           3rd  Exc
Chickadee of McBirdy      Open bitches class             3rd  Exc

18/11/2005 - A formidable news: pups from  Ch. Yuelynn are expected for 20.12.2005 !! 

We waited until the examination by echography is conclusive before announcing the news. It is done: Yuelynn is pregnant !  
Our veterinary friend counted 7 ones.
It is a great joy for us, because Yuelynn is undoubtedly best representing of McBirdy. But, of very irregular seasons, a first nest of only one pup (but splendid Chickadee) and then a gestation without pups left us a bitter taste and little hope for the future. 
We are thus happy to announce that pups are expected soon at McBirdy of the combination Ch. Xtullyowen of the Golden Vale X  Ch. Yuelynn of McBirdy.
We grow the fingers so that all occurs well and that this promising combination gives us splendid pups. Long waiting until on 20th December  ! 

13/11/05 - Piet Roks Junior Day  ISC - NL: our young dogs again with the honor !

 Our results are very encouraging since 3 of the 4 young dogs presented were classified.

Dundee of McBirdy  Junior dogs  9-15 months 1st
Dicey Dovey of McBirdy Junior bitches 9-15 months 3rd
Chickadee of McBirdy Junior bitches 15-24 months 3rd
Cheyenn of McBirdy  Junior bitches 24-30 months Exc

Dundee, after his 3rd place at the Junior Day ISC in Belgium in September thus confirms his splendid potential for the future.
When in Chickadee, in a class of 17 competitors, the final decision was quite difficult to take for judge De Matteo and much thought that Chickadee had carried it. A great cheer with Charlotte for her presentation worthy of a pro!

  Dundee of McBirdy


 Handler: Jean Struyf


  Chickadee of McBirdy


 Handler: Charlotte Godart


12/11/2005 - A new presentation for our website.

With the assistance of our friend Charlotte Godart, who with much of talent designed us a new McBirdy banner, we modified the presentation of our site. We think that it is thus more attractive.
But we still have other projects of improvement for the next weeks, with an improvement of the navigation menu and two photos galleries: one devoted to our pups, the other devoted to our setters in general.

11/9/2005 – A very busy weekend !

In this weekend, it would have been necessary to go through fire and water.
We awaited the Yelly’s pups: they were born the 8/9/2005. They are 5 (4 dogs + 1 bitch). They are very few, but in good health: it is most important. Mum Yelly is taking care of them and the dairy functions with full output.
.This Sunday, Cheyenn of McBirdy was engaged in Field-Trial in Waterloo.
Unfortunately, the very strong rains of the day before had not encouraged pheasants to remain in beets. They were much more with the shelter in the corn fields. Therefore, not of occasion: a blow in water (humour!).
. In parallel was held the ' Juniors Day' of The Irish Setter Club of Belgium on the grounds of the club in Wommelgem. Fortunately, time was not unpleasant and competition was serious (91 registered dogs).
Our dogs behaved well, including one very beautiful 3th place in junior dogs class for Dundee of McBirdy. A place in the last selection before classification for Chickadee of McBirdy and a qualification Excellent with a very good report for our young bitches Dyna of McBirdy (for its first show) and Chelby of McBirdy.
When on Dicey Dovey of McBirdy, in spite of a very good report, a decision is essential: a small died is to be envisaged to refine its line!

classe jeunes mâles (12-18 mois

Dundee of McBirdy

3è EXC

classe jeunes femelles
(12-18 mois

Dicey Dovey of McBirdy



Dyna of McBirdy



Chelby of McBirdy


Classe intermédiaire femelles (18-30 mois)

Chickadee of McBirdy




21/8/2005 - Cheyenn of McBirdy qualified in Field Trials !

Concours amateurs été - Nivelles (B)
Organization: 'La Chasse Pratique' and 'Belgian Gordon Setter Club'
Judge: M; de le Hoye (B)
Qualification: 4th 'GOOD'

Splendid result for Cheyenn of McBirdy: she is qualified in Field Trials in 22 month with the qualification ' GOOD' which will allow her, we
hope for it, to consider the titles of Champion of Belgium and International Champion later.
After Ch. Lordly Unci, Ch. Yuelynn of McBirdy and Bumbee of McBirdy, Cheyenn thus continues in the way we traced ourselves: to produce the beautiful ones and good dogs.
And from now on, Chickadee of McBirdy, the daughter of Ch. Yuelynn of McBirdy and little girl of Ch. Lordly Unci is training in the fields to ensure the continuation of this breeder line.

With our friends stockbreeders of the other breed clubs responsible for the gundogs, we try to hold hunting qualities which must remain a goal for all of us. We hope that our results will raise up other vocations within our breed club and hope for a better support in this way.

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