Our kennel

Our beginnings:
We were always in love with the Irish setter. But we acquired our first bitch: REBA (BIRDY) only in 1993 from a small local breeder. In 1995, during the visit of the FCI World Exhibition in Brussels, we build up fruitful contacts with Jean Struyf (LORDLY).
We were reached by a virus...the breeding of Irish setter ! Then we decided to acquire another high-level female: Lordly Unci therefore joined Birdy at home. Unfortunately, after a deepened survey on everything regarding the breeding of Irish setter, our first tests remained unsuccessful. After three attempts (with artificial insemination), we had to bow to the inevitable: Birdy is sterile. Birdy was supposed to be the basis of our kennel, that's why we chose
‘McBirdy’ as name of affixe: Mac in gaelic means ‘child of '. And we had to wait until March 1999 to produce our first, but very promising ‘Y’ nest (Ch. Goldings Jeroboam x Ch.Lordly Unci). 

Our goal:
We are amateur and passionate breeders. We are doing everything possible to produce some high-level Irish setters, propertied of the elevated morphological qualities, but preserving their heritage of origin: that means they remain remarkable hunters of birds (partridge, pheasants,..).We also wish they are some perfectly sociable dogs and that they integrate without any difficulties in a home environment.

To reach our goal:
Our dogs live with us. They pass a part of the day on the outside course, all wholes (not in a closed doghouse). During the evening they then stay in the chimney corner with us. All our dogs follow a program of canine education and obedience (instructor registered SRSH). This program is followed until they are ready to succeed the official patent of obedience. We take into account the character of the Irish setter and are very attached to get a very strong relation main-dog.  All our dogs follow a training for gundogs and are submitted to the natural faculty test (TAN). For dogs possessing real qualities they are driven to participate in competitions of FIELD-TRIALS in order to get a qualification allowing the access to the working class in exhibitions. Our dogs who get the necessary incentive are also trained for the program of agility and participate to competitions. Our bitch REBA (Birdy) is graded ‘Rank 2 'and participate to competitions of the Belgian championship. And of course, we participate in the maximum to shows and Clubmatch in Belgium, Holland, Germany and France. 
In short, our setters mean a great deal to us and all our leisures are dedicated to them. We maintain excellent relations with our friends Jean & Rita Struyf-De Groof of the Lordly kennel, well-known in all the Europe. Our basic bitches come from this well-known kennel (Sh.Ch.Lordly Unci & Lordly Yelly). 

Our living arrangements:
Our living arrangements have an outside course of 300m2 and a doghouse of 40m2 with maternity, dormitory, kitchen and bathroom. We also have the possibility to train our dogs in the fields next to our property.



We are always at serious amateurs disposal, on appointment. 

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