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Happy landings in the year 2013.

EBOS_v.3 scenery... ready for download

Working actually on the next version of EBOS for FSX.

Downloads are closed for a while.

Hope to release very soon the new adapted airport scenery.


The new version of the airport scenery: EBOS_v.3 (Ostend, Belgium, EU) will be available for download very soon. (Freeware scenery dd. 22.11.2008)

The main issue is the use of selfinstallers (Clickteam Install Creator): one for the basic files and a second installer for the specific files for the FS version you are running (FS2002, FS2004 or FSX).

All the updates and patches are encluded in these two .exe files and installing the EBOS scenery is now very easy and quick. If you like to install the moving ground vehicles or the KHBO aircraft choose the needed files from te list and install them the common way.

The major enhancement concerns the grass poly, especially a problem in FSX SP2, has been solved and there will be now a more realistic looking fresh green grass during the whole year. I can recommend the install of the so called "European_ground_textures_part_1" only for FSX made by Adam Mills at to see seasonal textures).

Two Installers...


1. EBOS_v.3 Basic

2. EBOS: FS2002, FS2004 or FSX (*)

(* for installing scenery in FSX under Windows 7: see explanation !)

How to activate scenery in FSX under Windows 7...

Click on following link and see how this can be done.


How to add scenery to FSX under Windows 7 ?

Here is how to add scenery in FSX under windows7:

  1. open FSX
  2. open Settings
  3. click Scenery Library...
  4. click Add Area
  5. mark scenery you want to add and
  6. click OK ( it will open selected Addon scenery so you can now see it's subfolders, scenery & texture)
  7. now (LEFT) CLICK anywhere on the white area in that open folder
  8. Dialog will now close and selected scenery will be added in the list
  9. click OK in the lower right and FSX will build new scenery database with your scenery added to it



1. Download EBOS_v.3 Basic and install it. The path to FS2004 is already set as an example (if you want to install it in FSX or FS2002, then you have to fill in the path yourself)
2. Download EBOS_v.3 for FS2002, FS2004 or FSX and install it without changing anything because the path is already set .
3. Activate EBOS_v.3 + Library Static Objects

Important: There is a fault found in the map Static Objects Library. You have to change the name of the submap "textures" into "texture" (without s). That's all. Sorry for this inconvienience.



Updates (read carefully this announcement)

At regular time updates will be added to the EBOS-scenery. They will be listed here with the date of release. Then you can choose to make a fresh download and install.

Remove always the former EBOS install.

1. Update animated windsock. Thanks to the designer Jörg Dannenberg who gave permission to freeware designers to use his work: fully animated windsock responding to the wind direction and strength. Visit his website: .

Update available for FS2002, FS2004 and FSX. (07.12.2008) ... for FS2004: remove also the Static Objects Library.


Tip: You can increase framerates FS by setting priority via Task Manager (Taakbeheer) from Normal to Above Normal.








New Repaints for FS2004 available now:


This is one of the usual fire trucks at Ostend (EBOS). Repaint file only. Read Installation file carefully.

DOWNLOAD This is a larger version (fictional) of the fire truck at Ostend (EBOS). Repaint file only. Read Installation file carefully.



Realistic runway, markings and adapted approach lights, soft taxilines, phototexturing VLOC, link for downloading KHBO Boeing B727-200 realistic repaint made by Vanheers Gino, ... ... ...





Ready for landing... Welcome at EBOS...






Airport Oostende-Brugge (EBOS/OST) Belgium, EU

(April - May 2006) - (November 2008)


New Ostend EBOS/OST...

Made mostly in GMAX - Phototexturing - use of PSP - 3D windows and use of reflective glass - animated ground vehicles - and... much more to discover. Nightlighting and easy nightlanding possible. This new scenery is for FS2002 + FS2004 + FSX and is strictly freeware.



(Extra scenery such as new taxiways, fuel tank and annexes, 3D pylons, houses in the neighbourhood, and a lot more of enhancement for EBOS/OST...)



Inside main download




Pdf-file "Release Notes EBOS"


Towing Tractors HERE
Refuelers HERE
Busses HERE
Supported by Independent Flightsim Pilots
FS2004: For those who haven't TTOOLS here the Traffic_EBOS2007Pro.bgl (to put into EBOS2007Pro / scenery): download



FLIGHTS FROM / TO : Cairo - Shannon - Kristianstad - Alicante - Madrid - Southend - Lagos - Luik - Tripoli - Heraklion - Linz - Belfast - Jeddah - Palma - Brize Norton - New York/JFK - Tenerife - Gran Canaria - Bodrum - Dammam - Houston Inter - ... ... ...


FSNavigator + PMDG NG files + Flightplans for EBOS-KJFK-EBOS: Download

Thanks to all the people who helped me with advise and tested the scenery. Thanks for the support of and . Special attention to FSEdge from and ARNO from for their efforts and greath tutorials and tweaks. Thanks to PM Stone for his excellent aircrafts on Thanks to Andries Cafmeyer for the permission to use his photo of a Thomas Cook aircraft during a spotting session at EBOS. Thanks to Fernand Verbraecken for his guidance. Thanks to Vanheers Gino for his excellent repaint of the KHBO B727-200 instruction aircraft and the permission to place here the download link.

José Bourgoignie / / E-mail: / Member IVAO and .


Working on the next scenery... Information coming soon.

PREVIEW: Scenery "Belgian Polar Base Elisabeth" without mesh. Static object: snowcar .




Download Tutorial: GMAX for FSX... Making a landable platform / dd. 1.8.2010 / available here.

This tutorial is made in order to help designers through the proces of realizing a helipad. The information is gathered from several topics. Thanks to those who made it possible making scenery an exceptional experience.

José Bourgoignie





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