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Welcome to Mauricet's website. Momo is a comicbook artist, co-author of Mort de Trouille at Casterman, The Crossovers at Crossgen and Semic, and Cosmic Patrouille.


Mort de Trouille, album #4 "Dans l'Ombre de la Bête" is coming out beginning of October 2004. Discover the 5 first pages exclusive preview in the Portfolio section.



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A big part of my portfolio is online. Mort de Trouille and The Crossovers.


Here's the cover I did for the september 2004 issue of TOPCOW UNIVERS from Semic.

Colors by the Peru Brothers. Top notch stuff!


For your eyes only: the cover of the 4th Mort de Trouille album called "Dans l'Ombre de la Bête".

In stores beginning of october 2004. Published by les Editions Casterman.


August the 5th, 2004: Some major updates are coming. Mainly an English version of the website. It was about time! There's much to do yet but I'm working on it.

Patience, young padawan...


November the 29th, 2001: The website is launched.