Rocket Camp
           July 2004               
A Report from the Launch pad on 30 July, around 4 p.m.

Vue générale

General overview of the launch site.....
The atmosphere is nervous and electric.
The attendance is waiting with impatience !

Preparation 1

The rocket designer is coming to the lauch site.
The rocket base is silent....
Is everything ready ? Nothing forgotten ?

Preparation 2

The launch responsibles are coming reinforcing the team. One is feeling the critical moment is coming.
Still a few minutes, and the whole work of a week will be used !

preparation 3

Some last remaining adjustments for the launch ...
The public is frightening.
When will the final count down be started ?


Last briefing between the responsible persons.
Is everything ok ?
All the light are green.
Electrical motors are switched on.

Finally one hears the final annoucement:
1 minute....... 50 .......40......30......20.......10...9..8...


.....Launch !

.....It is started; the majestuous device is going to the sky dragging behind him a smoke plume.

The public is happy and applauding. The take off was already a success.
Now let us see the rest of the flight....

The rocket is gone. Difficult to see it, in such a nice blue sky.

The designer is anxious... The main engine stops now, as foreseen. The rocket starts the top of his parabola. But the parachute is not yet extracted !....
The seconds are ticking inexorably. The designer is internally reviewing all his work and calculations. What could have malfunctioned ?

... and suddenly "Plop" the door opens automatically and the parachute deploys gracefully in the air... slowing down the drop of the rocket, which will fall down in the near forest.
The public is applauding frantically...

Even the photograph forgets to push on the camera button... and we will not have any image from this fall down ! It's a pity.
victoire !

After a difficult search, in very dense forest full of ticks, we got the rocket, intact thanks to its parachute...

The General Direction of the lauch and flights is already informed ....
cherche1 cherche            cherche3 cassée  

Some other ones were a little bit less lucky.....
Groupe campeurs

But finally, it is a friends team.
What a pleasant and interesting week !
What an adventure....

Albert, Emeric and ...
credit to V.Massaut