Born: Nov 2, 1957, Wetteren, Belgium
Schools: Atheneum & College in Dendermonde
Profession: musician & gardener

Early influences

Living opposite doors of the "Honky Tonk Jazz Club", music quickly captured his attention, when he heard various great artists playing boogie woogie from far away.  Influenced by the time spirit of the Beatles and the Stones, he first started playing drums, than, after forming a rock&soul band called "Feagin", changed to guitar.  A typical garage band with a first appearance in 1974 as support act of Wim De Craene

Trampolino (1975 -'79)

Psycho rock band, long hair, loud music, space cowboys, kicking against many hi-hat heels of the establishment.  Started out as a psychedelic rock show, and as the punk charriot came along, became an explosive punk band. With catchy tunes, an original repertoire, which sadly enough never found it's way to the surface.  Althought many fab gigs between Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels, the only vinyl left to find is on a compilation-LP called "The first Belgian Punk Contest".

Luk Bral & the Plastic Dreamband (1980 -'82)

After Trampolino Marvin became guitarist for the blonde singer LUK BRAL, together they performed a lot as an acoustic duo, also did many radio and TV appearances.  Later they formed the Plastic Dreamband and released some coloured singles, but the dream didn't last, and the band broke up. Althought Luk and Marvin kept performing together through the years.

Starvin Marvin (1982 -'90)

Nicknamed Starvin Marvin 'cause you could pull him under the door in those days.  Started writing songs, varying blues, rock and reggae to a unique style of his own.  More details all over this site.  

Kevin Ayers (1993 - 2004)

Marvin has been a long companion of  Kevin Ayers, as a guitarist, composer, producer of demo's, you name it.  They met at the famous WERCHTER festival in 1980, Kevin produced Marvin's album in '85 and recorded one of his songs in '88.  From '93 on they performed together as an acoustic duo untill in '99, Marvin's starving band joined in for another 5 years.  After that they went on busking now and than under a Southern sky!

Starvin Marvin Band (1992 ~ now)

Raised in '92, has known different forms before, but kept the same shape since the millenium and are nowadays still alive & kickin', recording and playing in the same formation.  More details all over this site.  

Technical:  played in the 70's with a Fender Stratocaster on a Fender Bandmaster 60W Amp,  added by a Jen Variophaser, WEM Copycat echochamber and a Coloursound fuzz/wah-wah pedal.   In the 80's, a new combination of a Roland Cube 30 and a Fender Reverb amp, with a lot of groovy Ibanez pedals did it.   The 90's brought a huge MIDI-tower with the Ovation GTM6 guitar-synthesizer, first Atari with 1 Mb screen, Yamaha QX3 sequencer, effect-processors and sound modules.  On stage an Ampeg SS-140C Amp or a Roland Jazz Chorus-120, in combination with a Sunburst Les Paul guitar with P-90 pick-ups, great monster sounds!  The Millenium brought a lot of acoustic instruments, a black acoustic Godin, a Turkish Bahlama and a Martin ukulele are a few of them.  Ollie Halsall is the big example of how a real guitarist should be, having the capacity to play a variety of styles with such flamboyant accuracy, and to adapt to any kind of situation with overwhelming speed.  Every hour spend with Ollie is loads of homework to catch up with afterwards, he was and still is a true innovator!