Marlene Gerlo


Realistic painter, who knows how to renew the "old style" of the ancient masters, creating a unique work of art, not based on commerciality, but inspired and filled with an own special atmosphere.

The artistic production:

Marlene Basic way of working is using oil- paint on a wooden panel. In the beginning of her carier, she painted classical still lifes with a rather dark coloured palette, later moving to modern still lifes with brighter colours. The still lifes are characterised by the usage of not common objects like photo- graphes, tape and the usage of mirrors into the composition. The objects give her work an "own character", although the old technical values are maintained.

Her work can be classified in the "Hyperrealism", a technique that represents the painted object in a photographic way, sometimes further explored with the "trompe l'oeil" technique in witch she excells.