Bolivia travalogue
October 4 - October 30, 2001

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Thursday 4 October 2001 -- Ghent - Amsterdam - Aruba - Lima
  Leaving Amsterdam.
  Arrival in Lima is just after sunset.

Friday 5 October 2001 -- Lima - La Paz
  The centre of Lima : Plaza des Armas.
  Late flight from Lima to La Paz, over Titicaca lake.
  Entering La Paz from El Alto.

Saturday 6 October 2001 -- La Paz - Sucre
  Arriving inSucre : taking the bus to the hotel.
  Visiting the Dino tracks.
  Hotel Sucre.

Sunday 7 October 2001 -- Sucre - Tarabuco - Sucre
  Sundays market in Tarabuco.
  Ordinary people is an ordinary street.
  View over Sucre.

Monday 8 October 2001 -- Sucre ~ walk
  A short walk with amaizing views.
  Our guide : Arozona.
  Don't know way they call this dangerous... after the other unpaved places.

Tuesday 9 October 2001 -- Sucre - Potosí
  Picture 1.
  Entering Potosi (Rich Mountain at the back).

Wednesday 10 October 2001 -- Potosí ~ mine
  Visiting one of many mines.
  Some hallways are very narrow.
  The streets in Potosí.

Thursday 11 October 2001 -- Potosí - Uyuni
  Eight hours drive to Uyuni ver unpaved roads.
  A first view ofthe endless salt lake.
  With a beautifull sunset.
  Can it be better?

Friday 12 October 2001 -- Uyuni ~ salt lake
  The salt hotel.
  Cactus island in the middle of the salt lake.
  Lama's are greeting us at the other side of the lake.
  As well as flamingo's.
  And yes, a sunset can always be more beautiful.

Saturday 13 October 2001 -- Uyuni ~ salt lake
  Two pinguins on the salt lake?
  No, a ones in a livetime performance of a Russion Symphonic orkest on the lake.
  And lot's of Bolivians enjoy the spectacle.
  Not seen so ofthen : Vecunnia's.

Sunday 14 October 2001 -- Uyuni - La Paz
  Sun rise, seen from within the train.
  The streets of La Paz.
  And baby lama's on wichets market.

Monday 15 October 2001 -- La Paz ~ Tiwanaku
  Visiting Tiwanaku.
  With the sun gate.
  Small and busy parks in La Paz.

Tuesday 16 October 2001 -- La Paz ~ Takesi-trail
  The last preparations for the Takesi trail.
  A new altitude record for both of us : 4600m.
  From now on, it's only downhill.
  Almost arriving at our first camp site : the villag eof Takesi.

Wednesday 17 October 2001 -- La Paz ~ Takesi-trail
  Further downhill to the cloud forest.
  Despite the fog, we have some beautiful views.
  The second camp site.

Thursday 18 October 2001 -- La Paz - Copacabana
  At the end of the trail, we pass by a tin-mine.
  The guide : Némé.
  Getting closer to Peru: lake Titicaca.

Friday 19 October 2001 -- Copacabana ~ Isla del Sol
  Walking on Isla del Sol.
  View ove Copacabana.

Saturday 20 October 2001 -- Copacabana - Puno
  Crossing the border of Peru.
  Visiting the floating islands of Uros.
  With funny little kids.

Sunday 21 October 2001 -- Puno - Cusco
  Visiting pre-inca tombes.
  And other inca ruins.

Monday 22 October 2001 -- Cusco
  Ruins aroud Cusco : Tambomachay.
  And a great view over Cusco.
  Visiting Saqsayhuaman, with a local guide.

Tuesday 23 October 2001 -- Cusco ~ Inca-trail
  The last minutes before the start og the Inca trail to Macchu Pichu.
  Registering at the entrance of the park.
  And on our way to the first campsite.

Wednesday 24 October 2001 -- Cusco ~ Inca-trail
  Picture of the altitude of the hike.
  the highest point of the hike : Dead Woman Pass.
  Arriving at the second campsite.

Thursday 25 October 2001 -- Cusco ~ Inca-trail
  One of many ruins.
  Close-up of the inca path to Macchu Pichu.
  Near the last camp site : Wiñnay Wayna.

Friday 26 October 2001 -- Cusco ~ Inca-trail
  Sunrise over Macchu Pichu.
  Walking through the ruins of Macchu Pichu.
  View from the other site on Macchu Pichu.
  Relaxing in Aquas Calientes.

Saturday 27 October 2001 -- Cusco
  All well known places of Cusco are visited.
  And again festivities.
  With fire works.

Sunday 28 October 2001 -- Cusco - Pisac - Cusco
  Visiting the other city in the Sacred Valley : Pisac.
  And again some big ruins.
  The last night in Peru : thanking out guide.

Monday 29 October 2001 -- Cusco - Lima - Aruba
  Back to Europe, over Lima.

Tuesday 30 October 2001 -- Aruba - Amsterdam - Ghent

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