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Bolivia travalogue
October 4 - October 30, 2001

This is the travelogue of our trip to Bolivia. The thumbnails of all pictures are on this page.

Date Route
Th 10/4 Ghent - Amsterdam - Aruba - Lima [photos & diary]
* 4h55: train van Ghent to Amsterdam.
* 8h20: check-in.
* 10h45: leaving for Aruba and Lima.
* 18u00 : with a bus to hotel El Camera, and a evening walk.
Fr 10/5 Lima - La Paz [photos & diary]
* Taxi to the centre (Plaza des Armas).
* Via shoppingstreet to Plaza San Martin.
* Visit the market.
* Bus to airport, and airplane to La Paz.
* Flight over Andes and Titicaca lake.
* In dark to the hotel Rosario.
Sa 10/6 La Paz - Sucre [photos & diary]
* Early rise for the drive to the airport and flight to Sucre.
* Taking the bus to hotel Sucre.
* Snack in cultural centre.
* Visit the Dino-tracks, market, cemetary.
Su 10/7 Sucre - Tarabuco - Sucre [photos & diary]
* Bustrip to Tarabuco, with visit to village and sunday market.
* Back in Sucre, we enjoy the view over the city at La Ricaletta.
* Dinner in restaurant La Suisse, with performance of locale musicians.
Mo 10/8 Sucre ~ walk [photos & diary]
* Bus trip to the day walk, over unpaved roads.
* About three hour walk in a great landscape, with explenations from Arizona.
* Picknick at the river.
* Back to Sucre.
* Resting from the drive, and dinner afterwards. Then just enjoying the atmosfeer at the central square.
Tu 10/9 Sucre - Potosí [photos & diary]
* 4 hour bus ride to Potosí.
* Around noon we arrive in the city and visit the "mint" museum.
* A fast snack, and then walking through the shopping area.
* We take a group-dinner at a typical Bolivian restaurant.
We 10/10 Potosí ~ mine [photos & diary]
* 12 people visit a mine in "the rich mountain".
* During two our we climb and crawl through the narrow paths.
* A quick shower, and then visit the monestary.
* Eating in "Las Vegas", a mail to home, and then it's time for bed.
Th 10/11 Potosí - Uyuni [photos & diary]
* Seven hour bus ride over unpaved roads. Small pauzes are taken to make the trip easier.
* In Uyuni, we have an hour to visit the market, to buy final food for the Salar-trip.
* With three jeeps we drive about 15 kms over the salt lake, to the salt hotel.
* We witness a spectacular sunset over a mirrorlike salt lake.
Fr 10/12 Uyuni ~ salt lake [photos & diary]
* In a unreal hour, we drive to the cactus-island (Isla del Pescado).
* Halfway we get some salt crystals from teh lake.
* On the island we make a walk to the top, in a nice sunshine-weather.
* Afterwards it goigs to the border of the lake, near the vulcano.
* Here we spot a lot of lama's and flamingo's.
* After the lunch, we take a walk through some semi-desolated villages.
* Again a spectacular sunset, and a great diner in a simple farm.
Sa 10/13 Uyuni ~ salt lake [photos & diary]
* Driving back to Uyuni, searching for the concert.
* For the first time, the "cultural week" organizes a symphonic concert on the salt lake.
* In fact, the event is really surrealistic, and even the Bolivian President is one of the attenders.
* At the salt hotel, some of the group are taking a bike to do the last kilometers, this is really unreal: biking on this enormous salt lake. * At the border of the lake, we can see how the people make a living from this lake: filling 1kg plastic bags.
* Back in Uyuni, we have to wait until midnight to take the train to La Paz. We can fill the time by waiting for our meals and some performances of local groups in the sportarena.
Su 10/14 Uyuni - La Paz [photos & diary]
* After a pretty good sleep (on the train), the sun is waking us through the window.
* The rising sun, and thousands of flamingo's color this morning.
* Orue is the endterminal of this train.
* Because the bus of 8 o'clock can not leave, we have to wait until nine to start the 4-our drive to La Paz. * The surrounding of the hotel are visited: witches market, small shops, fruit stands.
* At 18u we're visiting Sofie (sister of a friend): she's living in La Paz for six years.
Mo 10/15 La Paz ~ Tiwanaku [photos & diary]
* Breakfast in our room will trying to get an update on the news and the antrax-attacks in the USA.
* At 8h15 we leave for Tiwanaku. In the museum, we get the explanations from Neme.
* Nadien bezoeken we de site, met de opengelegde tempels.
* Om 14u zijn we terug in La Paz, en bezoeken we: Plaza Morillo, presedentieel paleis, kathedraal, kerk Merced, stadshuis, kerk Santa Domingo en Calle Juén.
* Om 18u30 krijgen we nog uitleg over hoe het Takesi-trail zal verlopen.
Tu 10/16 La Paz ~ Takesi-trail [photos & diary]
* In the morning we go (10 persons) to the Takesi trail. The other persons are biking to Coroico.
* Via the moon valley the bus brings us to the departing point of the trail.
* Still 400m th climb (4600m), and then downhill to Takesi (campsite).
We 10/17 La Paz ~ Takesi-trail [photos & diary]
* After a rainy night, we will have to walk in a drizzle today.
* The cloud forrest is beautiful, and the fauna and flora makes us forget about rain and fog.
Th 10/18 La Paz - Copacabana [photos & diary]
* The last day of the trail passes a tin-mine.
* Finally we walk over unpaved road to the meeting point of the bus.
* The bus then rides over impossible montain passes to La Paz.
* During the ride to Copacabana, we exchange experiances with the other half of the group.
Fr 10/19 Copacabana ~ Isla del Sol [photos & diary]
* Today, we go with a private boat to Isla del Sol.
* We visit the island at the southern point.
* Here we take a locale guide to get more information about the island and the Titicaca lake.
* The group then splits into people that return by boat, and those that return by foot the the northern site of the island.
* Near the famous Inca-stairs the hikers can embark the boat again.
* When arriving in Copocabana, the both of us go to the top of the Calvary mountain, to enjoy the sunset.
Sa 10/20 Copacabana - Puno [photos & diary]
* The bus is an hour late but after visiting migration, we enter Peru.
* The bus ride along the lake, finaly brings us at Puno.
* After a quick lunck, we're visiting the floating islands (Uros).
* During the evening, we have enough time to visit many little places in the city.
Su 10/21 Puno - Cusco [photos & diary]
* Today is a long bus ride: from Puno to Cusco.
* But there are two places for relaxing : the Inca tombes of ... and the temple of Ray...
* Another rest for lunch, and then we finally arrive at the hotel in Cusco.
Mo 10/22 Cusco [photos & diary]
* Taking a taxi to Tambomachay and Puca Pucara.
* By foot back to Cusco via Qenqo and Saqsayhuaman.
* Visiting little places in Cusco.
Tu 10/23 Cusco ~ Inca-trail [photos & diary]
* Bus to Km 82 fir the Inca trail to Macchu Pichu.
* Delicious lunch in the sun.
* Camping near a small town.
We 10/24 Cusco ~ Inca-trail [photos & diary]
* 1200m climb to Dead Woman Pass.
* Quick downhill and lunch at the campsite.
* Siesta in the tent due to the rain.
Th 10/25 Cusco ~ Inca-trail [photos & diary]
* Longest hiking day with 2 passes.
* A lot of ruins and spectacular view on the trail (if not to foggy).
* Despite the rain, we visit the impressive site of Wiñnay Wayna (with Ronneke, Angelique and Margreet).
Fr 10/26 Cusco ~ Inca-trail [photos & diary]
* Early wake up call (4u), to see the 6u15 sun rise over Macchu Pichu.
* Visiting the site with explanation form Vital.
* Climb to Devils peak (with Angelique, Mark en Daniëlle).
* Bus to Aquas Calientes.
* Train to Ollantaytambo, and then the bus to Cusco.
Sa 10/27 Cusco [photos & diary]
* Visiting Niño's hotel. A project of a Dutch family.
* Visiting the city with Britta (Inca museum, Santa Domingo church), and looking for souvenirs.
* At night watch the firework artists (city festival).
* Long night in the disco.
Su 10/28 Cusco - Pisac - Cusco [photos & diary]
* 8 of us are taking a breakfast in Niño's hotel, and take a taxi to Pisac.
* Visting the sundays market and the ruins.
* Back to Cusco in a real storm (snow and hail).
* Farewell diner in a Italian restaurant.
Mo 10/29 Cusco - Lima - Aruba [photos & diary]
* At 9h the bus to the airport, and the flight to Lima.
* Bus to gold museum.
* Afterwards a quick visit in the city centre.
* 20h check in, douane and flight to Aruba.
Tu 10/30 Aruba - Amsterdam - Ghent [photos & diary]
* 17 u: arriving at Amsterdam, train to Belgium.
* 21u30 : end of journey.

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