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If you have dealt with us, we encourage you to send us feedback.  We will edit it for clarity and translate it into English so that all our visitors can read it.

This is my favourite quote at this time:

Clinton Mills (USA)
I recently sent a couple of my most prized multi-signature posters to Mark to get signed for me. I was very nervous and apprehensive about the whole ordeal because these posters are of great value to me and it’s hard for me to entrust them to anyone else. But Mark calmed my fears and took care of everything. Both posters came back to me beautifully signed with perfect placement. I could not have done it better myself. Mark even took the time to respond promptly to all my inquires and questions. This is definitely a service I will use again and again. Mark you are da man!

Here is what some of our other collectors have to say (I have listed them alphabetically):

Matthew Barnosky (USA)
The Bounty Hunter is a great service to collectors with fast shipping, and well made signed items. I will gladly do business again with the Bounty Hunter, and continue to do so for years to come.

Jim Bougor (USA)
I have been wanting to get posters signed by the Star Wars actors for years now, but with all the fakes out there and just not being able to go to any of the shows, I have never been able to get any. Finding Mark on the web has been a God send. I now have 3 posters signed and I know they're real which is the most important thing. Mark is very friendly and easy to deal with. It has been a pleasure doing business with him and I look forward to doing business with him for years to come.  Mark, you provide a tremendous service and I thank you for this.

Jelle Boucher (Belgium)
Even better than Fett, this bounty hunter delivers every time!

José Cabello (Mexico)
Thanks for creating this service to the fans of all around the world. Thanks to you we can get in home a piece of our hobby, and what a better piece of collection than a Star Wars autograph? Thanks for closing the actors with the fans. You are making dreams come true.

Lee Contini (USA)
Mark, I love the Bounty Hunter because it represents what is good about Star Wars fans. True fans love Star Wars just because it is Star Wars, not for profit or cheap gain, but simply to get the chance to obtain a small part of Star Wars through autographs, to get a little closer to the characters we have enjoyed for so long. I'm glad you're a true fan, Mark!

Werner De Gruyter (USA/Belgium)
The slogan 'We get the job done' is no false advertising in this case! The Bounty Hunter does get the job done, even the rare, lesser known, downright obscure ones. And with fast and professional communications, he's the man to talk to for autographs... But beware! Once you start, you'll be coming back for more. I can tell, since I'm a loooooong-time customer!

Joris De Smet (Belgium)
Good decent damn ol' fashioned service, that's how I would sum up the Autograph Bounty Hunter. If people complain about merchants these days, it's because they don't offer the heartfelt, personal kind of service anymore from the ol' days. Not so with the Bounty Hunter! With Mark you just know you're going to be served wall and with an honest smile too. Try it out for yourself; I'm sure you'll be coming back. Thanks, Mark, for 6 years of great involvement. I hope you'll at least double that...

Neville Ferris (UK)
I was at a Star Wars dinner in Swindon where I met a guy who is organising a show later this year.  We started talking about guests and my proudest possession (a Star Wars poster signed by 40).  The subject of Mark Hamill's autograph, which I did not have, came up.  He gave me your name and said you were the man who could help.  Yeah, right, I'm going to send my poster to a guy in Belgium I've never met.  Thank god I did.  You phoned me to acknowledge receipt of the poster, e-mailed me regularly with updates and then returned the poster to me with the man's autograph!  Thank you for a truly superb service.  If anyone has any doubts about dealing with you, just give them my name.  In the words of my son 'you are truly the main man'!  Thanks again.

Sue Hooven (USA)
Mark is not just doing a service, he tries to remain reasonable and gets what the collectors want because he knows what it's like to be a collector. He's fast shipping, packages perfectly and his prices include shipping and this makes it sooo easy for the buyer. But most of all, he's a good guy and that's paramount. He's never disappointed me in any way in many years that I've known him.

Stephen Johnson (USA)
I love the Bounty Hunter for everything it does, not just for me, but for anyone and everyone that comes along. If you can't find an autograph that you need or are looking for through one of the personal signings, then just give it time, and you can bet your last dollar that the Bounty Hunter will get it in at some point in time. Mark, you go out of  your way to make people happy. You give GREAT prices on all your autographs. You have gone out of your way time after time. But most of all, why I love the Bounty Hunter, maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with it being only the best Star Wars autograph site out there. Thanks for everything.

David Le (USA)
The only place that I go to and buy autographs. I never have to worry about fake autographs. It also gives me a chance to obtain rare autographs. Thanks, Mark. The BEST there is out there.

Heiko Lütten (Germany)
I've met the Bounty Hunter about a year ago at Celebration Europe and listened to his "Collector's Panel" about autograph collecting. I've collected autographs as a teenager, but that was about 20 years ago and produced very few results. Mark re-lighted my fire and since then I've become a hardcore collector who has to this day acquired about 350 Star Wars autographs, mainly through the Bounty Hunter and through the mail. There are quite a few services on the internet, but believe me, the Bounty Hunter is by far the most reliable, most friendly and fastest service available. And, I dare say, by now I consider him a good friend.
(Ditto, Heiko! Few people know how much we enjoyed emptying a good bottle of Irish whiskey together and still were able to hold a reasonably coherent conversation... - Mark)

Yorkie Milner (UK)
Thank you for adding to our collection of signatures, and most importantly being a true friend.  Looking forward to the next year!

A.J. Nesselrod (USA)
Mark has been nothing short of excellent to deal with and I have entrusted him with my most valued Star Wars items over the years. He is without a doubt one of the top authentic Star Wars autograph dealers, and I only wish I had found out about him much ealier on in my collecting. Thank you, Mark!

Chris 'porkerpig' Polk (USA)
Well, Mark, I told you I would sing your praises and here I am singing! Autograph arrived safe and sound and very fast! I am very pleased with it and your service. I cannot thank you enough (sure you can, Chris!) and look forward to using your services in the future. You can add one more happy customer to your list.

Andy Price (UK)
I have used the Bounty Hunter for over a year and have been impressed with not only Mark's professionalism, but his knowledge of the 'Star Wars' genre and autograph collecting in general. I have received nothing but helpfulness with Mark's personal service and long may this continue. I feel the Bounty Hunter is a genuine and trustworthy source to purchase autographs from and I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

John Polli (USA)
discovered the Bounty Hunter about 4-5 years ago, and without it, my collection would be very limited. I now have autographs from people I would've never believed possible, from every era of the Star Wars saga, from games to films, animation to artists - all over the planet. BH has taken care of me better than ANYONE. The best communication, reliable, the most patience, and a very personal connection when conducting business. I have acquired so many great items, that my collecting is actually at a bit of a crawl, since I have gained so much from their outstanding services. How else could I score Tatooine sand!! I watch their site daily, and would be miserable without it. I can't thank you and the bounty helpers enough, Mark.

Robert Robicheau (USA)
Hey, just wanted to let you know that you're doing a great job. As you know I have done several signings myself and I know how much work goes into it. Not to mention the travel and negotiations just to get the signing launched. I know you know this, but your work is well appreciated. If anyone ever gives you grief, give them my name, you have me on your side. Keep up the good work, Mark!

Michael G Stroud (USA)
I wanted you to know that I have received my autographed photo  today and once again it is superb! The quality of service, Mark, coupled with the authenticity of everything you do continues to make every transaction I do with you simply a pleasure! I ALWAYS know that I’m getting guaranteed quality with you and there is never a doubt as to your service. Once again, thank you and I can’t wait until the signing offers post! You are the best and everyone should know it!

Jeroen Swanborn (Belgium)
He has brought collecting of autographs to a level for many fans to enjoy without the worries that they might be ripped off.  And most of all, he's just a very nice guy to know and have as a friend, that alone is reason enough to love the Bounty Hunter.

Dorald Van Etten (Netherlands)
The important things in this kind of business are being trustworthy, friendly and correct.  You are them all.

Brandon York (USA)
The B
ounty Hunter has in a short span of time claimed the throne of the undisputed leader in Star Wars private signings.  Wonderful product, great shipping, friendly service. Simply unsurpassed in all aspects!  Thanks again!