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Star Force Events is a non-profit organisation that supports cultural events, often for charity. I'm the president of SFE. Specialty: providing guest stars :-)

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Hi, I am Mark Dermul, Belgium's biggest autograph collector.  I have designed this website to serve autograph collectors around the world, who are fans of the Star Wars Saga and other popular movie series.  You can find a link to my personal autograph collections here.  This goes to show that I am first and foremost a collector myself.

Each signing will be well-documented so that you can be absolutely sure that the items you are acquiring are 100% authentic.  At the Autograph Bounty Hunter, we issue a lifetime COA with all the items we ship.  If you want to know what collectors around the globe have to say about us, check out the testimonials.

My vast network of so-called Bounty Helpers and myself will be traveling around the globe to get these signings organized or work via event officials and agents to provide the requested autographs.  I am especially proud of the private signings I organize, as these are often first-time signers and hence a fantastic addition to any collection.

I offer a complete money-back-guarantee.  Should a private signing or guest appearance at a show be cancelled, you will get a full refund.  You can also choose to keep the payment as a Bounty Hunter Credit towards future use.

I publish a montly newsletter by the name of 'Bounty Hunter Capture Log'.  It deals with issues on autograph collecting and other interesting themes of the hobby.  You will need to sign up on the mailing list to receive it.  It's absolutely free!

Whenever possible, I will try to put together signings that allow for autographs with personalization, but this cannot always be guaranteed.

If you are serious about collecting autographs, then the Autograph Bounty Hunter is the place to start.  After all, I get the job done.

Mark Dermul
Autograph Bounty Hunter