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26th August 2002

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20 March 2017

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Star Force Events is a non-profit organisation that supports cultural events, often for charity. I'm the president of SFE. Specialty: providing guest stars :-)



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latest news

20.03.2017 FACTS autographs prices
The prices for the autographs at FACTS have just been revealed. Click here for more info and get your orders in now.

20.03.2017 Kiwanis-Force-Event guest update: World Premiere!
For the first time ever at a show, Kiwanis has just added Ingvild Deila to their line-up. Miss Deila is none other than Princess Leia in Rogue One! Go here for more info.

recent news

09.03.2017 FACTS guest update!
FACTS has just announced two more guests: Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin (both in Gotham and a couple in real life). Looking forward to meeting them!

03.03.2017 FACTS coming soon
Next month, FACTS Spring 2017 will land in our neck of the woods with some great guests, including Amanda Tapping and Nathan Fillion. Go here for more info.

03.03.2017 Kiwanis-Force-Event
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, Kiwanis France is organizing another charity event: Kiwanis-Force-Event. For those who cannot attend, the Bounty Hunter will be able to get your autographs. Go here.


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