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Star Force Events is a non-profit organisation that supports cultural events, often for charity. I'm the president of SFE. Specialty: providing guest stars :-)


FACTS 2017

Date and location : 21 & 22 October 2017 - Ghent (Belgium)

Website : 

Price per autograph :

90 EUR - James & Oliver Phelps
60 EUR - Karl Urban
50 EUR - Brent Spiner, Jenna Coleman
30 EUR - Corin Nemec, Jared Gilmore

Send in items : Yes, but posters are 15 EUR extra for shipping

Personalization : Yes

Cut off date for orders and payments : 19 October 2017


Karl Urban - 60 EUR
Lord of the Rings, Judge Dredd, Thor Ragnarok, Star Trek

Brent Spiner - 50 EUR
Star Trek, Outcast, Independence Day

Jenna Coleman - 50 EUR
Dr Who, Victoria, Captain America, Emmerdale

James & Oliver Phelps - 90 EUR (for both)
Harry Potter

Jared Gilmore - 30 EUR
Once Upon a Time, Mad Men

Corin Nemec - 30 EUR
StarGate SG-1, Supernatural, Smallville, Parker Lewis Can't Lose

and a bunch of the world's most renowned comic artists... Check their site!


none at this point...