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Star Force Events is a non-profit organisation that supports cultural events, often for charity. I'm the president of SFE. Specialty: providing guest stars :-)


FACTS 2019

Date and location : 6 & 7 April 2019 - Ghent (Belgium)

Website : 

Price per autograph : see below, includes world wide shipping

Send in items : Yes, but posters are 15 EUR extra for shipping

Personalization : Yes

Cut off date for orders and payments : 1st April 2019


Mads Mikkelsen - 100 EUR
Star Wars, James Bond, Hannibal, Doctor Strange

Dolph Lundgren - 95 EUR
Rocky IV, Creed II, Aquaman, Masters of the Universe

Shannen Doherty - 60 EUR
Charmed, Beverly Hills 90210

Tom Hopper - 60 EUR
Dr Who, Game of Thrones, The Umbrella Academy

Jason Isaacs - 60 EUR
Happy Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars Rebels, The Patriot

Gaten Matarazzo - 65 EUR
Stranger Things

Lana Parilla - 75 EUR
Once Upon a Time, 24, Spin Ciry

and a bunch of the world's most renowned comic artists... Check their site!


none at this point