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Star Force Events is a non-profit organisation that supports cultural events, often for charity. I'm the president of SFE. Specialty: providing guest stars :-)


FACTS 2017 - Spring Edition

Date and location : 1 & 2 April 2017- Ghent (Belgium)

Website : 

Price per autograph :

90 EUR - Nathan Fillion
50 EUR - Amanda Tapping, Morena Baccarin, Ben McKenzie
45 EUR - Kristian Nairn
40 EUR - Spencer Wilding

Send in items : Yes, but posters are 15 EUR extra for shipping

Personalization : Yes

Cut off date for orders and payments : 25 March 2017


Nathan Fillion
Firefly, Castle, Guardian of the Galaxy, Con Man, Halo, Destiny

Amanda Tapping
StarGate, Supernatural, Sanctuary, The X-Files

Morena Baccarin
Firefly, Deadpool, Gotham, Stargate SG1, V, Homeland

Ben McKenzie
Gotham, Southland, The O.C.

Kristian Nairn
Game of Thrones

Spencer Wilding
Rogue One, Happy Potter, Game of Thrones, Guardians of the Galaxy

and a bunch of the world's most renowned comic artists...
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