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Travelling to the summit
Some (b)logs about the travelling I've done so far
  Motor Trips:
  2001: Scotland On Wheels
  2002: Aventura Andaluz!
  2003: Ireland Ride it Diffently
  2004: BMW Garmisch
  2005: Senegal (canceled)
  2006: Scotland On Wheels II
  2006: GS Alpenhemelrit
  2007: Frans Vl. / Rochester
  2008: Passenparade (blog)
  2009: Corsica (blog)
  2009: BMW Bikers Days (blog)
  2010: Kroatia (blog)
  2011: Expeditie Himalaya

One picture sais more than thousand wordsThis site is mainly a reflection on the travelling I’ve done so far. I only started around 2001 logging my travel experiences; hence this logging is far from complete.

Before that I’ve made also a lot of traveling, always accompanied with the people I care.

Logging of my experiences started when I started on adventure tours, leaving the people I care at home. Each day I posted my experiences of the day on the net, so that people back home could follow my adventures. They felt as if they were with me on my trips.

Once such a task was started it became a general thing to do. Way before I started one of my trips, people asked me already “make sure you keep your log up to date, we are eager to follow you day by day”. So my laptop, besides the other material I have always with me, has become my true companion on each of my trips.

Beneath this home page you will find the collection of the logs which were written.

I hope you can enjoy as much as people already did during my journeys.
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