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Why this page?

Until recently, my knowledge about the assassination of President Kennedy was limited to a couple of TV documentaries and of course Oliver Stone's JFK.

It is only around the 40th anniversary, and further to the publication of a book about the assassination by a Belgian accountant who said she detained the truth that I got really interested in this case.

I was amazed by the tons of information that are available on the net

What also amazed me is that I had been framed. And I do not mean by the Warren Commission: I mean all the lies that had been told to me by conspirationists! And I do  not mean details, but false evidence : the change in the motorcade, the "well aligned" shells, and so on.

And you know what? I got angry. Hence this site.

At the end of the day, I have no certainty, only this : until now, I have evidence the main false information and tampering of evidence or testimonies with the conspirationists.


What can you find on this site?

Certainly not a full JFK site, hence the title : there are so many internet sites on the prairie that I do not intend to enter into competition. You will only find here some personal research, mainly based on the Zapruder film.

My only purpose was to validate, mainly with the film, what I thought was the most accurate description of the events.

Some people were interested by some of my personal researches, so I thought I would give the opportunity to anybody to use them.


What is my opinion?

Simple : Oswald did it, and did it alone.

I think lot of people just cannot accept the absurdity of this death, and try to find a sense in it.

That being said, I remain open to discussion, and there are, from time to time, interesting information.

But basically,the conspiracy theories just cannot go through a critical examination. Please refer to this text, a very good one.