The reactions : the broken wrist

At frame 230, Connally is in the middle of the violent right hand movement. Around z237, this movement terminates and his had is in its lowest position, hidden by the door for the greatest part. Starting around z238, Connally's hand reappears and one can see it "falling down", his wrist taking a non natural shape, until it is totally bend at z245. While the Governor turns right to look at Kennedy and is desperatly shouting "", his wrist remains in that bended position while his fingers are still firmly holding the hat.


For reasons of size, the animation only takes a part of the image, the most relevant one. If you have trouble in seeing this detail, you can have a look at the next page (depending on you internet access, please consider the size of the page mentioned herebelow)

Does this need a comment : the Governor's wrist was broken and he is loosing control on it, even if he is still holding the hat, and will be still holding it when arriving at Parkland Hospital.


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