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Zapruder film do you make people believe in a shot from the front

You all have seen the film "JFK" and your heard Costner-Garrison repeat his mantra "Back and to the left....back and to the left".

You have seen these disturbing images that show the backward movement supposed to prove that a shot came from the front.

But what about some reality check here?

Look at these images. Forget for a while the hypnotizing "back and to the left", look closely. Did you see the very brief forward movement just before, at the moment of the impact?

It is this animation that convinced me of the fact that despite the possibilities of internet, there was a certain lack of good quality images and animations.

So I made my own animation based on Zapruder film's frames 311 to 315. In each frame, I have inserted reference points that allow you to check the alignment of the frames and the movement (or absence of) between the images.

The most difficult part of this kind of exercise is the correct alignment of the images taken from the film. Mr Zapruder did not have his camera for long and there are lots of parasite movements.

What does this animation show us?

This second animation focuses on z312 and z313.


You will note the reference points on the door of the limo, more specifically the doorknob or whatever that shining object is.

When aligning the frames, I made sure the blurring would be rearward (to the left, ie towards the rear of the car). I made this choice for the following reason: some people pretend the head does not move forward, that the forward movement is an illusion due to blurring.

So I decided to put the blurring rearward when I aligned the frames. This eliminates any possibility that a forward movement would be an illusion due to the blurring. Any forward movement simply CANNOT be due to blurring.

What this shows us is that the President's head shows a violent forward movement between 312 and 313.

This movement can only have one cause : the violent acceleration of the head caused by the passing missile.

Some people think they can pretend this movement is due to the fact that the limo decelerated, building on the movements of Kellerman for instance.

I am treating this aspect of the question here.

What about the rearward movement then? This question goes beyond the purpose of this site. Please refer to this page where you will find a couple of interesting links.

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