BLACK JACKETS Company, a Brussels collective of musicians and composers, lives from its international input. Composers from all over the world collaborate intensively with the ensemble. The result is a unique confrontation between writing and sound, concept and creation, composition and improvisation.

From driven, groovy or conceptual to the boundaries of tone and noise. From solos to chamber music. From acoustic to electric. A reflection of these times, with a view of what is to come.




  • our Argentinian composer Juan Carlos Tolosa is back in Belgium to continue his work on Blackout.
  • Black Jackets Company is setting up a platform for artistic creation - or creative art : "the platform should make it clear that we will concentrate on the artistic research, comparable to fundamental scientific research. The importance of this work is in the development of 'new' artistic ideas, concepts and 'perceptional modes', more than producing artistic products that are already commercially viable ..."
    Al Arbol Sangrado - Adrian Suarez