Paul Craenen
Kooi (2000) piano four handed, live cam, installation, electronics
Mouvements Trouvés (2000) viola and jazz guitar
Atman (2000, 2001) for bass clarinet, stethoscope, 4 piano strings and electro-acoustic amplification
Palindroom (2002-2003) performer, sound engineer, live cam and electronics

Pierre Kolp
Désirs Chorégraphiques (1994) for classical guitar and da
I Ching (1996) for flute and classical guitar
Beaver Tuned (1998) for piano
Mani I (2000) for clarinet, violin, classical guitar, piano and conductor
Mani II (2001) for clarinet, classical guitar, violin, cello, double bass and conductor
Los Cometas Colorados (2002), silent opera without voice for 13 small groups of instruments with tape

David Nuñezañez
Ego Nostrum (1996) for violin and double bass
Persempreperse (1996) for alto flute and bass trombone
Obsidiana (1997) for two violins, flute, bass trombone and double bass
Abrupte Fable (1995 rev.1999) for guitar, harpsichord, harp and electronics
Signature (1999) for violin, electric guitar, piano and live-electronics
Canon Eliptico (1999-2000) for bass clarinet, bass guitar, piano, synthesizer and CD
Up-Fall (2002-2003) for classical guitar, electric guitar and analogue electronics

Juan Carlos Tolosa
Canción del Cronopio (1996) for solo bass trombone
Y sacaréme la niebla (1996) for woodwind quintet
El ángel se pudre (1997) for two violins
Evaporo el otro que sigue caminando (1997) for bass clarinet
A su imán (1998) for double bass, bass clarinet, electronic transformations
& ghost-ensemble
Klavierkonzert (2001) for piano and live-electronics
L'Endroit (2001)
for soprano, violin, cello, double bass, tape, live-electronics