>> 04.05.2004 | Logos (Gent)

Young Flemish Composers Festival

Thomas Smetryns : Peace Anthem - graphic score for ensemble
Tim Mariën : Frühling in Bayreuth - for 12-string guitar in just intonation
Stefan van Eycken : demo of the Sustainer guitar as used throughout the composer's work
Hans Roels : Ohne Worte - a work for voice, viola, electronics and all-round musicians
Paul Craenen : Palindroom - an interactive performance with electronic sound annd video
David Helbich : "Stückbehauptungen gegen Behauptungsstücke" - performance for diaprojections, soundrecordings and interventions

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>> 14.05.2004 | Centre d'Art - Chapelle de Boondael

New works by Patricia Alessandrini, Fernando Fiszbein, Pierre Kolp, David Nunezanez, Ivan Solano, Giacomo Platini, Sebastian Rivas, Javier Torres and Oyvind Torvund.
Performed by 'Black Jackets Company' (David Nunez, Kim Van den Brempt, Tom Pauwels) and 'La Pluma de Hu' (Elisa Humanes, Guilherme Carvalho and Ivan Solano).

Centre d'Art Chapelle de Boondael
square du Vieux Tilleul, 10 - 1050 Bruxelles
Tél./fax : 02.662.07.89